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ICO Attorneys Felix Shipkevich And Stefan Savic Presenting Strafford CLE

Shipkevich ICO attorneys will be presenting a 90-minute Strafford CLE live webinar on virtual currency and regulations on Wednesday the 18th at 1:00 pm. The lecture titled «Cryptocurrency: Evolving Regulatory Landscape, Recent SEC, CFTC, FinCEN, IRS Enforcement Actions,» will update current regulations of cryptocurrency and how their enforcement actions will affect companies invested in ICO […]

Five Things to Keep in Mind while Raising Funds through an ICO

ICOs are changing the way startup ecosystem operates. Based on the trend and its increasing popularity, companies that may be looking to raise funds through ICO should keep in mind the following aspects: Jurisdiction, regulation and compliance Fund requirement and utilization What kind of tokens should be issued? Safety and security Building and managing the […]

What is the state of the global ICO regulation?

Because of the volatility of cryptocurrency and the deepening understanding of blockchain technology by governments and regulatory bodies, the ICO regulations, in particular, keep changing by the month. It is possible to find a government stating its position about ICOs and cryptos today only to make a complete U-turn after a few weeks. Read about […]

The Brazen Fraud Case That May Help Determine The Future Of ICOs

Maksim Zaslavskiy’s token sale lured scores of investors by boasting about real estate and diamonds. Now he’s fighting securities fraud charges in one of the first sets of ICO cases pursued in the US. Authorities claim Zaslavskiy scammed investors through two ICOs — REcoin and DRCWorld, that promised profits off diamonds. Participants used both credit cards […]

Long-term Rental Platform Rentberry’s Rollercoaster ICO

In February Rentberry raised $30 million in what is, to date, the largest PropTech ICO. The Rentberry tokens are already being used on the platform. For this reason, they have a utility value. But, the liquidity and market-based pricing that is a selling point for many to raise money through ICOs can cause the initially limited […]

SEC Crackdown On Cryptocurrency ICOs Expands. Here’s What To Know

The US SEC, which conducts oversight of the country’s stock and options exchanges as well as the securities industry as a whole, has increasingly been cracking down with severity on fraudulent ICOs, for violating securities laws. If you are considering investing in an ICO, it’s a good time to become more familiar with what the […]

Yes, your ICO needs a strong marketing plan to stand out from the crypto clutter

Despite incredible and revolutionary ideas, building a startup is never easy, especially in a technological landscape that not many people understand. Nevertheless, people still try—which means investors are weary from skimming through hundreds, if not thousands, of ICOs. They know very well that not all of these projects would have the best intentions, and of […]

Lawyer’s Guide to Understanding The Legal Risks of ICOs

Where there are profits to be won, lost or stolen, then governments and their rules, regulations, and laws surely follow. So it is with cryptocurrency and ICOs. It is important that you do your homework in this cryptocurrency world. It may seem relatively straightforward, but this new area of law can be quite complex. Read more

After The ICO: Q&A With Oleg Seydak, CEO Blackmoon Crypto

Blackmoon Crypto is a Fintech blockchain-based company that raised $30 million during its ICO in September 2017. The company lets its users create, promote, develop and manage investment funds while covering all aspects of technology and infrastructure from legal compliance to corporate structuring. From June 2015 to July 2017, Blackmoon processed more than $100 million in […]

Utility or Security Token: Choosing Between ICO Coins

Not all tokens being developed off the Blockchain need to be of a nature that leads them to being classed as securities. There are a few other types of tokens that can be built off the Blockchain, including utility tokens. While there are more than just two types of tokens, including equity, work, share-like and asset-backed, […]