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Six Alternatives to an Initial Coin Offering

Whenever a new musical movement emerges – punk; nu-metal; emo – bands lumped into the genre rush to distance themselves from it. Something similar has happened with ICOs: everyone’s in them, but no one wants to admit to being in them. Instead, we have the spectacle of projects dressing their ICO up as a “token […]

The Seven Pillars of ICO Investing

Crypto Asset Management (CAM) receives around a dozen emails per day from new companies planning on launching crypto tokens to raise capital. CAM, through the various funds and share classes it manages, invests in less than one out of every 100 ICOs that comes across its desk. The company has developed an analytical framework for […]

The ‘Wild West’ of financing: are ICOs the end of venture capital fundraising?

Start-ups today have many options to raise capital, with many needing an infusion of funds to get off the ground. Traditionally, new companies would have looked to venture capital (VC) to raise capital and to help their growth plans. Now, however, companies have a new option: Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Fast-growing technology start-ups are increasingly turning […]

Initial Coin Offerings: The Badlands Between Innovation and Regulation

Regulation is inherently reactive, and is an intrinsic response to innovation. The natural cycle of regulation begins with innovation, which is often misunderstood and foreign to regulators, and is followed by a period of bureaucratic interpretation and finally by enforcement. The SEC is now prepared to aggressively tackle the issues/violations associated with ICOs, hence the […]

How to Successfully Market an ICO in 2018

2018 promises to be a bumper year for ICOs. However, with increased competition and a tightened regulatory environment the line between success and failure of an ICO in 2018 will be even finer. Planning an ICO marketing strategy from Day One is essential and should include the following items: The Website – Your ICO’s Shop […]

What ICO Issuers and Investors Need to Know About Taxes

Much attention has been paid to regulatory issues in connection with token issuances. Less attention has been paid to the potential tax issues that may arise for both issuers and investors. But these issues are just as real. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has not issued any guidance concerning the tax treatment of token issuances. […]

ICO Attorneys Felix Shipkevich And Stefan Savic Presenting Strafford CLE

Shipkevich ICO attorneys will be presenting a 90-minute Strafford CLE live webinar on virtual currency and regulations on Wednesday the 18th at 1:00 pm. The lecture titled “Cryptocurrency: Evolving Regulatory Landscape, Recent SEC, CFTC, FinCEN, IRS Enforcement Actions,” will update current regulations of cryptocurrency and how their enforcement actions will affect companies invested in ICO […]

Five Things to Keep in Mind while Raising Funds through an ICO

ICOs are changing the way startup ecosystem operates. Based on the trend and its increasing popularity, companies that may be looking to raise funds through ICO should keep in mind the following aspects: Jurisdiction, regulation and compliance Fund requirement and utilization What kind of tokens should be issued? Safety and security Building and managing the […]

What is the state of the global ICO regulation?

Because of the volatility of cryptocurrency and the deepening understanding of blockchain technology by governments and regulatory bodies, the ICO regulations, in particular, keep changing by the month. It is possible to find a government stating its position about ICOs and cryptos today only to make a complete U-turn after a few weeks. Read about […]

The Brazen Fraud Case That May Help Determine The Future Of ICOs

Maksim Zaslavskiy’s token sale lured scores of investors by boasting about real estate and diamonds. Now he’s fighting securities fraud charges in one of the first sets of ICO cases pursued in the US. Authorities claim Zaslavskiy scammed investors through two ICOs — REcoin and DRCWorld, that promised profits off diamonds. Participants used both credit cards […]