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What is The Impact of Blockchain on Fintech? [Complete Guide]

With blockchain being a superstar technology in every possible arena, how could Fintech or financial technology have stayed far behind? Without any second thoughts, we all can agree that Fintech has proven its mettle amidst the continuous growth and innovation in every sector of the technology. Now, the news of Blockchain taking over Fintech is […]

Why Blockchain, Why Now

Blockchains record trust like an atomic clock records time. Unlike trust, time marches ever forward and is irreversible.  What if trust could be recorded in the same manner, with exactly the same accuracy and fidelity? Trust can be lost just as soon as it is gained because of our reliance on experiential, opaque and analog […]

A glossary of blockchain jargon

A guide to blockchain jargon from MIT Technology Review Editors. Blockchain/ A structure for storing data in which groups of valid transactions, called blocks, form a chronological chain, with each block cryptographically linked to the previous one. View the guide

Join Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin at TechCrunch blockchain event on July 6

TechCrunch has announced that Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum and a true blockchain visionary, is confirmed to speak at upcoming TC Sessions: Blockchain event. The event takes place in the Swiss city of Zug — which is widely known as “Crypto Valley” — on July 6 and it will bring together top figures from the blockchain space, developer community […]

The Rise Of Smart Contracts Using Blockchain

Blockchain is now being increasingly used to explore the automation of contracts. Smart contracts are essentially lines of computer script, which describe a particular scenario. Once the scenario becomes reality, the terms of the relevant contract are automatically and immediately implemented by Blockchain. In this way, for example, insurance companies can tailor certain forms of […]

The Hybrid Approach: How To Gain Wider Adoption Of Blockchain

Given that blockchain is still early in its evolution, it would make sense for an established organization to consider a hybrid approach that balances the utility of centralized and decentralized technologies, while gradually progressing towards a more decentralized structure. A hybrid approach will likely be the main driver to blockchain adoption. It preserves the founding […]

Blockchain: What are the implementation challenges?

Blockchain, the immutable digital ledger, is creating waves across different industries. Its technology backbone and trust-based peer to peer networking model promises to upend conventional business processes. However, the technology is still in infancy and we have seen its prominence mostly with Bitcoin. Organizations planning to deploy blockchain for other use cases should expect setbacks. […]

4 Things That Made Blockchain The Most Disruptive Tech In Decades

Blockchain, the revolutionary technology behind Bitcoin, has been slow to receive the fame it deserves. Hailed as one of the most disruptive technologies in decades, blockchain technology is at the heart of the shift from centralised server-based internet system to a cryptographic transparent network. With blockchain technology, we can finally look forward to a new era […]

Blockchain: 3 things people get wrong

There are many reasons to think that blockchain will increasingly be an important infrastructure used in many industries – well beyond financial services and, certainly, in ways well beyond crypto-currencies. That said, remind yourself that not everything is a technical problem that’s universally amenable to a blockchain fix. According to Gordon Haff, Technology Evangelist at […]

How Blockchain Technology Is Transforming the Legal Industry

Blockchain — known as the technology underpinning bitcoin — allows for records of transactions to be kept on a digital ledger and shared by everyone in the network. There are multiple blockchains, and the Ethereum blockchain introduced a feature called “smart contract” that allows coded programs to act upon predefined triggers. Blockchain technology is now […]