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Seven Takeaways from Ibinex Global Cryptocurrency Report

Cryptocurrency exchange software provider Ibinex recently published its Global Cryptocurrency Market Report, that presents a thorough summary of the state of the industry worldwide. With prices and regulations endlessly shifting and more than two thousand coins to choose from, and 19 countries talking about launching their own national cryptocurrencies, it is sometimes important to get […]

Five Megatrends That Will Shape Our World And Investment Decisions — BlackRock

Thematic investing is an idea that waxes and wanes, but after almost a decade of rising equities, the prospect of further easy gains might be harder to obtain. Plugging into a theme such as “population aging”, “global security”, “the rising Asian middle class” or some other can be attractive as a way of thinking about […]

The 3 Trends To Watch In Fintech, According To Top VCs

Venture capital funding for fintech startups has ballooned over the past several years, rising from $1.9 billion in 2010 to $27.5 billion in 2017. While some fintech trends like lending and mobile payment wallets have fizzled out, others are on the upswing: Real Estate Insuretech Paper-Dominated Industries Read more

Institutional Investors Are Using Back Door for Crypto Buys

Buyers such as hedge funds have replaced high-net-worth individuals as the biggest buyers of large swaths of digital coins worth more than $100,000 through private transactions, according to Bobby Cho, global head of trading at Cumberland, the Chicago-based cryptocurrency trading unit of DRW Holdings LLC, which handles the over-the-counter purchases. The over-the-counter market facilitated anywhere from […]

What is The Impact of Blockchain on Fintech? [Complete Guide]

With blockchain being a superstar technology in every possible arena, how could Fintech or financial technology have stayed far behind? Without any second thoughts, we all can agree that Fintech has proven its mettle amidst the continuous growth and innovation in every sector of the technology. Now, the news of Blockchain taking over Fintech is […]

The state of Canadian FinTech in four charts

BetaKit has published an updated version of Ferst Capital Partners’ FinTech Map, along with some other telling charts on the overall state of FinTech in Canada. There is a lot of data packed into these charts (426 companies were analyzed). As a result of this exercise, Ferst Capital Partners found two recurring themes worth highlighting. The […]

Investors race to smaller towns in search of their next big unicorn

Low cost of running business and the potential of high net returns are some of the key reasons why startup investors with heavy pockets are going to Tier 2-3 cities in search of their next unicorn. According to Anil Joshi, managing partner, Unicorn Ventures, government initiatives to set up incubation centres is creating a fertile startup […]

DLA Piper: Fintech partner to power financial services transformation

A new report from law firm DLA Piper suggests that financial services firms are prioritizing collaboration and direct engagement with Fintechs, particularly for payments technology. The ambition to gain access to a range of innovative technologies and business models, while maintaining a core offering, is radically shifting the model for how financial services organizations and […]

Cyber criminals increasingly target cryptocurrency, research finds

Cybersecurity firm McAfee found that the use of cryptocurrency mining malware increased by 86 percent during the second quarter of 2018. The increase continues a trend that has already escalated over the past few months. Bitcoin has a $232 billion market, and approximately $1.5 billion worth of cryptocurrency has been stolen in the past two years, […]

Study: Cryptocurrency Trading Volume Likely to Grow by 50%+ in 2019

A recent study, conducted by the Satis Group, has found that despite a persisting bear market in 2018, the cryptocurrency markets will still likely see tremendous growth in trading volume in 2019, growing by an estimated 50%. This growth is mainly attributed to increasing market accessibility and growing corporate and institutional adoption. The report explains that as […]