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Australia’s fintech startups are starting to make profits

Australian fintech revenues are up 2.25 times and more of the startups have hit profitability as the local sector matures, according to the latest EY Census released at the FinTech Australia Intersekt conference. Almost one in five (19%) fintech companies are now profitable with those aged three years or older now making up 43% of […]

Fintech development and regulation highly variable across Europe: report

The greatest regulatory obstacles blocking fintech development across the EU are prudential rules, AML regulations and data protection procedures, according to new research by FECIF, the pan-European trade association for Financial Advisers and Intermediaries. In this third survey, under the FECIF Expertise Initiative, a total of 11 national associations participated, covering nine core EU countries with […]

Fintech: are you ready to get on board for the boom?

Fintech is attracting attention because of the significant sums being invested in the sector. During the first half of this year, global fintech investment reached a record high of $57bn, and the UK attracted more of that investment ($16bn) than the US or the rest of Europe combined. How such investment translates to actual returns […]

Survey: Fintech Excites Treasury & Finance Execs, But Many Have Yet to Implement It

Corporate treasury and finance executives are enthusiastic about emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation. Yet, new research by the Association for Financial Professionals reveals that many treasury and finance professionals have yet to implement these technologies within their functions. Based on 708 responses, the 2018 AFP Technology Survey not only found […]

Schwab’s Barry Metzger To Fintech Startups: ‘Call Me!’

The Benzinga Fintech Summit is a gathering of the top leaders in brokerage, payments and cryptocurrencies in San Francisco Nov. 14. Ahead of the Summit, Benzinga is profiling fintech thought leaders who are speaking at the event. For this installment, Benzinga interviewed a key speaker on their upcoming brokerage panel: Barry Metzger, senior vice president […]

China’s Investors Aren’t Afraid To Bet Big And Early

Venture investments in Asia have baffled the tech world over the past year. Investors and corporations have funneled seemingly limitless amounts of capital into quickly growing private companies. Mainland China once again dominated the investment landscape in the Asia-Pacific region in Q3 2018. There is no big secret as to why China dominates in venture […]

See ya, seed? Decline in seed-stage startup funding deals may impact venture ecosystem

A record amount of investment dollars are going to U.S. startups. But that doesn’t necessarily mean good news for founders trying to raise seed-stage capital. While total capital invested rose, VC-backed deal volume dropped to the lowest amount in nearly six years, following a trend of more money going to fewer, later-stage deals. There were 16 […]

World business trends at the INSIDE TRENDS conference

During the INSIDE TRENDS conference held on the 18th and 19th of October 2018 in the Warsaw’s Koneser Praskie Center the world most interesting current trends will be discussed by experts from all around the world. INSIDE TRENDS aims to be one of the most important events discussing business trends in the Central and Eastern […]

A Q&A With Benzinga’s CEO On The Fintech Industry: ‘We Want To Be Connectors’

As founder of both Benzinga and the Detroit Fintech Association, Jason Raznick is well-versed in the space. So much so that Merriam-Webster referenced his definition of “fintech” in its entry on the term. Benzinga is hosting the Fintech Summit Nov. 14 in San Francisco, where the leaders in payments, lending, capital markets, blockchain and cryptocurrency will […]

Look Back At The Most Hyped Cryptocurrency Tokens Of September 2018

The performance of the crypto market has been appalling for the best part of 2018. Nonetheless, a few digital currencies have recorded increased popularity as investors seek ways of improving their values in the future. The four most talked about cryptocurrencies in September are: Ripple (XRP) Tron (TRX) Ethereum (ETH) Stellar (XLM) Read more