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Fintech Trends – How Belgium and Japan Resemble & Differ

Numerous articles compare different European countries or compare Europe and the US when it comes to financial regulation, the IPO market or the types of FinTech applications that are easily adopted (or not) by the public. Simont Braun decided to take a look in a different direction and together with the Japanese law firm Keiwa […]

Don’t cut up your credit cards yet — or sell MasterCard, Visa and AmEx

The demise of the credit card is greatly exaggerated. Yes, companies like Square and PayPal, which owns Venmo, are red hot — especially with millennials. But the stocks of American Express, Visa and MasterCard have all hit record highs in the past week. It’s easy to dismiss these credit card companies as financial endangered species, […]

A third of banks expect to hold cryptocurrencies on their balance sheets

The report named Digital Transformation in Financial Services from the law firm DLA Piper is focused upon how blockchain is changing the financial services markets around the world, with the aim of establishing the position of major financial institutions with regards to cryptocurrencies and the use of blockchain in their daily operations. The report picks up […]

Blockchain’s Popularity Among Large Enterprises Soared 11% This Year, Survey Finds

Juniper’s Blockchain Enterprise Survey: Deployments, Benefits & Attitudes (Second Edition) found that 65 percent of responding large enterprises – defined as those who employ a minimum of 10,000 staff – are “considering or actively engaged” in blockchain deployment, up 11 percent from the corresponding 54 percent figure last year. Further data analysis shows that nearly a […]

Free cash machines closing at record rate

More than 250 free-to-use cash machines are disappearing a month as operators shut unprofitable ones. There are 53,000 free machines in the UK – but the number is shrinking at a record rate as people use less cash. Read more

PwC survey says Blockchain has trust issues

PwC surveyed 600 executives in 15 countries and territories— Australia, China, Denmark, France, Germany, HK, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, UAE, the UK, and the US—on their development of blockchain and views on its potential. At 29% the US leads the world in 2018 in blockchain development but PwC predicts that between 2021 to […]

ChainX Panel: Wozniak and Tone Vays On the Fintech Revolution

At ChainX in Las Vegas, heavy hitters in the blockchain space sat down with Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Wozniak to discuss the impact, positive and negative, of the last tech revolution — and what we should be carrying into the next. The opening comments of the discussion turn quickly to what blockchain is not, and […]

Fintech Eyes Opportunity in $15 Billion Title-Insurance Business

Tech-focused startups are knocking on the door of a $15 billion industry that’s dominated by just four companies: Title insurance. A California regulator, for the first time, gave approval to a tech-focused startup title insurer to operate in the biggest U.S. state by population. States Title Inc. joins newcomers including OneTitle National Guaranty Co. and […]

Women are still less likely to invest in P2P, says

Women are still far less likely to invest in peer-to-peer loans, according to Latvian platform Research from the P2P payday lender has found that just eight per cent of its investors are women. However, women do make larger investments than their male counterparts. The average size of men’s investments is €1,900, while women on average […]

A New Signal Of Maturing Cryptocurrency Markets: Corporate And Foundation Investment Arms

Despite the current market cap roller coster, there are behind-the-scenes signals showing the strength of the novel cryptocurrency incumbents. Coinbase made $1 billion in 2017, the 13-month old Chinese exchange, Binance, is projected to make $1 billion in 2018, and cryptocurrency foundations, such as Stellar, hold tens of billions in cryptocurrency ready for deployment. All […]