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From ‘Call of Duty’ to cryptocurrency theft: FBI details deeds of suspected ring

A group of “Call of Duty” players — including a man from Dolton and another from Bloomington — is suspected of stealing more than $3 million in cryptocurrency in a computer-hacking scheme. The Bloomington man told the FBI he met members of the ring online while playing “Call of Duty,” the popular online video game […]

Cryptocurrency markets are juicy targets for hackers: Timeline

Investors’ shaky confidence in virtual currencies took another hit after crypto exchange Bithumb suffered a hack that saw about US$32 million worth of coins stolen. Boosters still present a bullish picture about the future of digital assets. But the more than US$1 billion in thefts – most of which are unsolved – is becoming a growing […]

Hacker Returns $26 Million in Ether Months After ICO Theft

A hacker who stole more than 43,000 ether tokens from would-be investors in CoinDash has returned a majority of the funds to the startup. The company reported that the thief returned 30,000 tokens ($26 million) over two different transactions, the first in September 2017 and the second on Feb 23, to CoinDash’s wallet. The thief still has some 13,400 tokens […]