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ICOs get 30 extra days to inform SEC — Thailand

A draft version of a royal decree regulating transactions related to digital assets will grant issuers of ICOs 90 days to inform the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand of their plans before the law takes effect. The decree, which was approved by the cabinet on March 27, extends the period from 60 days initially. The amendment was […]

Thailand Legalizes Cryptocurrency; Plans to Give SEC Sole Power to Regulate the Industry

Thailand Central Bank has finally announced its plan to regulate and legalize cryptocurrency as a means of exchange. The new law which will grant Thailand’s ICO-friendly Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) total regulatory powers will be finalized this month. The major focus is for cryptocurrency sector to be completely handled by SEC. Read more

Thai Bank Terminates Account of Local Cryptocurrency Exchange

One of Thailand’s largest banks, Bangkok Bank, has become the first domestic financial institution to halt transactions involving trading of cryptocurrencies. The bank suspended transactions of the Thai Digital Asset Exchange (TDAX), a major crypto exchange in the country, on the grounds that TDAX’s business operations are not in accordance with its business purpose registered […]