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25% of ‘affluent’ millennials hold cryptocurrency: report

A full quarter of affluent American millennials are using or holding cryptocurrency, according to Millennials with Money report from Edelman. The survey defines affluent millennials as aged 24-38, making $100,000 in individual or joint income, or having $50,000 in investable assets. An additional 31% are interested in using cryptocurrency. The report also found that millennials – and […]

Australia’s fintech startups are starting to make profits

Australian fintech revenues are up 2.25 times and more of the startups have hit profitability as the local sector matures, according to the latest EY Census released at the FinTech Australia Intersekt conference. Almost one in five (19%) fintech companies are now profitable with those aged three years or older now making up 43% of […]

Survey: Fintech Excites Treasury & Finance Execs, But Many Have Yet to Implement It

Corporate treasury and finance executives are enthusiastic about emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation. Yet, new research by the Association for Financial Professionals reveals that many treasury and finance professionals have yet to implement these technologies within their functions. Based on 708 responses, the 2018 AFP Technology Survey not only found […]

Nordic Fintech Report

Five Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden partnered to provide insight on the investment landscape, regulatory environment and opportunities and challenges in fintech they are faced with in their region. Read more Download the report

PwC survey says Blockchain has trust issues

PwC surveyed 600 executives in 15 countries and territories— Australia, China, Denmark, France, Germany, HK, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, UAE, the UK, and the US—on their development of blockchain and views on its potential. At 29% the US leads the world in 2018 in blockchain development but PwC predicts that between 2021 to […]

Can you help Enterprise Ireland map the Irish fintech sector?

What does Ireland’s fintech sector need? What are its strengths? What can be improved? Enterprise Ireland hopes to answer these questions and more with its Fintech Census. The census is a collaborative effort, led by Enterprise Ireland, with support from key stakeholders in the sector, including IDA Ireland, Banking and Payments Federation of Ireland, Fintech […]

41% of Americans Say They Won’t Ever Invest In Cryptocurrencies

According to a June survey of over 2,000 adults by cryptocurrency app Gem and analytics firm Harris Insights, roughly 8% of Americans invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. About 41% of those same adults say that nothing could motivate them to invest in such digital assets. In comparison, roughly 52% of Americans own […]

44 Percent of Russians Have Heard of Cryptocurrency, New Survey Reveals

Romir, a representative of the Gallup International Association in Russia, asked 1,500 Russian residents about their knowledge of cryptocurrency, as well as their plans to interact with the industry. Of those respondents, 44 percent had heard of crypto, 13 percent said they had a good understanding, and 56 percent did not know what the word […]

More Chinese unicorns prefer to raise capital in Hong Kong than any other market, survey shows

Four out of every 10 so-called unicorns identified Hong Kong as the preferred market for an IPO, according to a PricewaterhouseCooper survey of 101 of these companies, each with at least US$1 billion in valuation. US stock markets come in second at 25 per cent, followed by China’s yuan-denominated A-share market in third place with 23 […]