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Someone created a sham British company to exploit Telegram’s mega ICO

A company named Telegram Open Network Limited was incorporated on Feb. 28, according to documents lodged with the British companies register, Companies House. It names Telegram founder Pavel Durov as the company’s sole shareholder, director and secretary. The firm claims £800 million (US$1.13 billion) in paid-up capital. After some speculation on Twitter about the authenticity […]

Megatron ICO: Doctored Profile Photos, Big Potential for Scam

The Megatron ICO may be one of the up and coming scams. The ICO has the typical signs of a shady proposition: it focuses heavily on the image of immediate wealth, and the team photos look like a bad Photoshop job. Megatron is not listed on major ICO calendars and platforms, has fake address in Switzerland, and […]

FBI Publishes PSA About Tech Support Fraud Targeting Cryptocurrency Holders

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has published a public service announcement warning about the prevalence of scammers posing as tech support for a variety of industries, including the cryptocurrency sector. Tech support fraud, which can occur through the telephone, search engines, pop-ups, locked screens, and phishing emails, is now also being perpetrated through the new […]

BrandShield Launches Blockchain-Based Anti-Scam Platform MyShield

BrandShield, an AI-powered cyber intelligence company fighting online brand abuse, has launched MyShield, its anti-scam platform combining the power of AI with blockchain technology. Previously, the only types of cybersecurity have been anti-virus and anti-spam, but now BrandShield is developing the so-called anti-scam model. With MyShield, the accreditation of the industry is placed back into […]

Mayweather ICO Founders Knocked Out by SEC for Fraud

The US Securities Exchange Commission’s new Cyber Unit task force has taken down boxing great Floyd Mayweather’s sponsor, Centra Tech. The Florida based company that claimed to be “creating a world connected to cryptocurrency” through their products has been charged with violating the anti-fraud and registration provisions of federal securities laws. The charges were brought when the SEC […]

Scammer Miserably Fails to Steal Bitcoin from ICO Team

Some criminals are shifting their attention from potential investors to the people organizing these crowdsales. It’s a very peculiar trend, although it seems there is still a lot of work to be done until people actually fall for these scammy tactics. Instead of hacking a website, sending out a phishing email, or simply creating a […]

Researchers Claim 81 Percent Of ICOs During The Past Year Were Total Scams

According to a recent research by Statis Group, roughly 81 percent of all ICOs in the past year have been outright scams, 6 percent of ICOs outright failed, 5 percent were said to have “Gone Dead”, and just 8 percent actually graduated to be trading on an exchange. Of the 8 percent that made it to […]

ICO Scam Alert: “ZeroEdge” Is All Fake

According to an article by a guest author on The Merkle, Zerocoin project has all the indications of an ICO scam. The ‘About Us’ section on the website is empty and a “Coming soon” message also appears when visiting ‘News’ and ‘Investors’ pages. Zerocoin CEO Adrian Casey has a fresh Facebook profile created last year and claims to have worked at […]

The Anatomy of an ICO Scam

Denaro, a newly built payment platform aimed to connect cryptocurrencies and the mainstream market, described itself as a “versatile payment solution” that will allow users to spend, store, transfer their digital currencies via an “intuitive interface” and debit card. It also promised a “multi-cryptocurrency wallet” that will remove the need for multiple addresses and give […]

Researchers tap AI in the fight against ICO scams

There’s no definitive way to tell if an ICO is a scam, but a machine learning-based research method could make it easier to avoid the most obvious ones. A Chinese startup called Shannon.AI, working with researchers from Stanford, University of California Santa Barbara, and the University of Michigan, recently unveiled a white paper detailing an AI […]