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Crypto Investors Sue US Rapper T.I. over FLiK Coin Project

A group of US investors have filed a lawsuit against rapper T.I. and his business partner Ryan Felton, accusing both men of conducting an alleged cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme with their FLiK coin. The 25 plaintiffs are seeking $5 million in reparation after pouring $1.2 million in the digital asset project that T.I. and Felton launched […]

Exit Scam or Hack? Canada’s MapleChange Loses $5 Million of Customer Funds

Canadian crypto exchange MapleChange has been hacked. The company is reporting over $5 million in losses – virtually all its funds – and says it cannot pay any of its customers back. However, many are questioning whether the company was hacked or if the loss was something planned by internal representatives, as the operator of […]

Lawsuit filed against DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather in Centra Tech Scam

DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather have been hit with a lawsuit from individuals who say that the stars were a part of an illegal cryptocurrency scam that screwed investors out of millions of Genuine dollars. The coin at the focal point of the outrage is called Centra Tech – and, as indicated by the legal […]

Elon Musk recruits Dogecoin creator to fight cryptocurrency scambots

Determined to stop malicious botnets from impersonating him, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has asked Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer to help him build a solution to curb the spread of fraudulent bots on the platform. Palmer had already devised a similar script in the past. The Dogecoin creator later tweeted that he hooked up Musk with the […]

Judge rules cryptocurrency ICO scam case falls under securities law

A New York judge ruled that the US SEC can proceed with its legal case against the RECoin and DRC ICO organizer Maksim Zaslavskiy, who currently stands accused of defrauding investors. Zaslavskiy tried to have the SEC’s case thrown out by claiming that ICOs can’t be categorized as «securities» but as «currencies,» hence there’s no legal […]

How to check for verified ICO advisors before investing

Navigating the ICO market can be difficult for both amateur and seasoned investors alike, given that the knowledge required to make adequate assessments stems from fields as diverse as cryptography, game theory, economics, and law. More so, due diligence processes require inquiries that are not done easily online. The existing knowledge gap and the amount […]

Algorithm of Action for Victims of Scam ICO

There are a lot of scam projects on the ICO market, so it’s quite difficult for an investor who is starting not to get bogged down by criminals. But even if you have become a victim of swindlers, albeit low, but still there are the chances of getting your investments back. It is necessary to […]

Researchers Discover Huge Crypto Scam Botnet on Twitter

Researchers have uncovered a huge botnet that mimics legitimate accounts on Twitter to spread a cryptocurrency «giveaway» scam. The research team found a single network of over 15,000 bots in a three-tiered structure that spread the fake cryptocurrency giveaway, and further evolved as time passed in order to avoid detection. According to the researchers, bots first create […]

Indian police bust $4M ‘Ripple Future’ cryptocurrency scam

In the latest crypto-bust, Indian police arrested two suspects for allegedly duping 300 million Indian Rupees ($4 million approximately) from 1,800 people. The accused were running a fake cryptocurrency company named ‘Ripple Future,’ which promised to triple investor money in 250 days, and also ran daily and weekly payment schemes. The Ripple Future management team claimed […]

Scam Alert: Offers to Fake Initial Coin Offerings and Make Them Look Credible got in touch with an online company that offers ICO marketing services ranging from basic graphic design and building digital marketing strategies and found out that the company offers illegal services that encompass fake team members and project advisers for as little as 25 ETH. Read more