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Why security testing is a core business value for FinTech

Financial institutions have been attractive hacking targets for many years, and this attention has not diminished with the addition of cloud and mobile technology. As information is more readily available to consumers, financial companies have only become more desirable to attackers. The stakes continue to grow as far greater losses and penalties have the ability […]

Fintechs have 6 months to meet new cyber security standards — BoG warns

The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has urged all fintechs operating in the country to improve their cybersecurity systems to meet international standard requirements ahead of the passage of the Payment Systems and Services Bill by end of 2018. According to the central bank, the new law will take into account technology, innovation, and consumers’ demand […]

Most major cryptocurrency exchanges lack sufficient background checks, research report says

According to a report by P.A.ID Strategies, a payments and identity security consulting firm, more than two-thirds of 25 prominent crypto exchanges in Europe and North America come up short when scrutinizing new customers. The report found 68% of the exchanges allow its users to trade both crypto and fiat with no formal identification and […]

FBI Publishes PSA About Tech Support Fraud Targeting Cryptocurrency Holders

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has published a public service announcement warning about the prevalence of scammers posing as tech support for a variety of industries, including the cryptocurrency sector. Tech support fraud, which can occur through the telephone, search engines, pop-ups, locked screens, and phishing emails, is now also being perpetrated through the new […]

BrandShield Launches Blockchain-Based Anti-Scam Platform MyShield

BrandShield, an AI-powered cyber intelligence company fighting online brand abuse, has launched MyShield, its anti-scam platform combining the power of AI with blockchain technology. Previously, the only types of cybersecurity have been anti-virus and anti-spam, but now BrandShield is developing the so-called anti-scam model. With MyShield, the accreditation of the industry is placed back into […]

ICO Security Playbook: 5 Steps to Ensure Best Practice

ICOs are a highly effective tool for startups seeking to maintain control of their businesses but are not risk-free and omnipotent. To ensure success, you should always adhere to best security practices: Audit Your Underlying Smart Contracts Listen to Community Concerns and Resolve Them Implement Robust Policies to Detect Phishers Provide Strong Security for Your […]

Bill Gates: Cryptocurrency is ‘super risky’ over the long-term

During a recent «Ask Me Anything» session on Reddit, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said that the main feature of cryptocurrencies is the anonymity they provide to buyers, and Gates thinks that can actually be harmful. Gates also warned that the wave of speculation surrounding cryptocurrencies is «super risky for those who go long.» Gates isn’t the […]

Messaging app Telegram says it’ll offer investors a refund if its ICO flops — but there’s a catch

Telegram, the messaging app operator which recently raised $850 million in a private token sale from institutional investors, expects to raise as much as $1.7 billion in a second sale that will begin at the end of February, according to documents sent to potential investors. In total, that’s more than $2.55 billion. In the document, […]

Singapore firm to launch ICO advisory centre

A Singapore start-up PLMP-Fintech is launching an ICO advisory centre in a bid to tap the growth of Singapore as a leading hub of ICO activity in the region. Singapore is the third-largest ICO market after the United States and Switzerland, but a number of local firms and small and medium-sized enterprises there are still […]

46% of Last Year’s ICOs Have Failed Already

Having completed an extensive study into last year’s crowdsales, can report that 46% of them are effectively dead already – despite raising over $104 million. Tokendata, one of the more comprehensive ICO trackers, lists 902 crowdsales which took place last year. Of these, 142 failed at the funding stage and a further 276 have […]