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Can We Really Trust a White Paper? University of Pennsylvania Law Report

The University of Pennsylvania Law School has released a report titled Coin-Operated Capitalism. The report is focused on the 50 top-grossing ICO’s from the 2017 period and includes academic research into the promises made in their white papers. The research follows the path of looking into how many teams actually delivered on their promises post-ICO. […]

Study Finds Cryptocurrency Rebalance Portfolios Outperform ‘Hodling’

Shrimpy cryptocurrency portfolio management is a platform that helps investors curate a portfolio with automated investment strategies. With the company’s portfolio experience, the Shrimpy team published a study that gives an informative technical analysis comparing two types of cryptocurrency investment methods: rebalance against holding (hodl). Shrimpy used a variety of data to help determine which investment […]

Crypto Unicorn Hunters: The VC Firms Behind Billion-Dollar Crypto Startups

The ranks of “unicorn” companies have been infiltrated by a growing roster of crypto organizations that are dramatically rising in value. While the lineup of crypto unicorns are widely-known, the VC firms backing them are quietly positioning themselves to gain the most from the cryptocurrency revolution. There are currently over 27 fintech unicorns worldwide. Recent […]

The 50 Most Influential Venture Capital Investors in Blockchain

Though the venture capital industry that has evolved around blockchain is changing and growing rapidly, there are some firms that stand out. Some are traditional VCs like Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital. Others are digital asset funds exclusively focused on investing in blockchain and cryptocurrency startups. According to a recent report from Crypto Fund Research, […]

KPMG finds few firms have fintech strategy

Only 13 per cent of attendees at KPMG in Bermuda’s Fintech Summit last month said their company had a fintech strategy in place. However, another 46 per cent said they had a fintech strategy in development and 96 per cent believed fintech would impact their industry within the next three years. Those were some of […]

Women Investing in Cryptocurrency Has Doubled in Six Months, Study

Research done by the London Block Exchange (LBE) has indicated that the amount of women willing to invest in cryptocurrencies has doubled over the past six months. With investment interest going from 6% of women last year to over 13% currently, or around one in every eight women. The LBE has also noticed that there […]

Survey Shows 35% of High Net Worth Individuals Have or Will Invest in Cryptocurrencies

A survey conducted by global independent financial consulting firm deVere Group has recently revealed that 35 percent of high net worth individuals have already invested in cryptocurrencies, or are planning to do so. The survey saw deVere group poll over 600 of its clients from across the globe, including some from the US, UK, Qatar, […]

Traditional banks can be the ‘trusted face’ of fintech and online finance firms

In a recent survey of 400 banking executives, banking software provider Temenos said more than 53 per cent of respondents cited e-financial services like PayPal, Alipay, WeChat Pay and Apple Pay as their biggest non-traditional competition in the next two years. But their relationships could be complementary and not necessarily purely competitive. Banks can use their […]

Here Is Where CEOs Of Heavily Funded Startups Went To School

Crunchbase News looked at CEOs of U.S. companies funded in the past three years that have raised at least $100 million in total venture financing. The intent was to see whether educational backgrounds of unicorn and near-unicorn leaders differ markedly from the broad startup CEO population. The analysis showed that most CEOs of well-funded startups do […]

Survey: 30% Of Financial Executives To Commit Resources To Blockchain

The Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF) has released a report prepared in partnership with Deloitte on how blockchain technology is being employed in financial applications. The report entitled Blockchain for Financial Leaders: Opportunity vs. Reality analyzes how blockchain could affect financial reporting, staffing, and other areas essential to executives. Researchers surveyed a group of financial executives, […]