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Traditional banks can be the ‘trusted face’ of fintech and online finance firms

In a recent survey of 400 banking executives, banking software provider Temenos said more than 53 per cent of respondents cited e-financial services like PayPal, Alipay, WeChat Pay and Apple Pay as their biggest non-traditional competition in the next two years. But their relationships could be complementary and not necessarily purely competitive. Banks can use their […]

Here Is Where CEOs Of Heavily Funded Startups Went To School

Crunchbase News looked at CEOs of U.S. companies funded in the past three years that have raised at least $100 million in total venture financing. The intent was to see whether educational backgrounds of unicorn and near-unicorn leaders differ markedly from the broad startup CEO population. The analysis showed that most CEOs of well-funded startups do […]

Survey: 30% Of Financial Executives To Commit Resources To Blockchain

The Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF) has released a report prepared in partnership with Deloitte on how blockchain technology is being employed in financial applications. The report entitled Blockchain for Financial Leaders: Opportunity vs. Reality analyzes how blockchain could affect financial reporting, staffing, and other areas essential to executives. Researchers surveyed a group of financial executives, […]

Study of 151 Chinese unicorns shows Beijing #1 city for startups

Most Chinese unicorns are located in large Tier 1 cities. Beijing is the outstanding leader with 66 unicorn companies, followed by Shanghai (with “only” 38 of them).  The most common industry in which Chinese unicorn companies operate is Internet services, followed by e-commerce and online finance. A significant amount of unicorns are young companies: 35% of them […]

Here’s What It Costs to Get Your ICO Token Listed on an Exchange

According to research from Autonomous Next LLP, cryptocurrency exchanges are raking in millions of dollars from ICO operators seeking to secure a spot for their tokens on high-volume trading platforms. Paying an exchange to list your token is more or less creating a secondary market, which is a factor that regulatory agencies such as the US […]

Researchers Claim 81 Percent Of ICOs During The Past Year Were Total Scams

According to a recent research by Statis Group, roughly 81 percent of all ICOs in the past year have been outright scams, 6 percent of ICOs outright failed, 5 percent were said to have “Gone Dead”, and just 8 percent actually graduated to be trading on an exchange. Of the 8 percent that made it to […]

Bank of Korea Poll: 40% of Young Adults Enthusiastic About Cryptocurrency

The Bank of Korea announced the results of its poll on the means of payment conducted on 25,011 adults aged 19 and older nationwide from September to November of 2017. The results show that 40% of young adults are eager to possess cryptocurrencies. South Koreans who are in their 20s and 30s are familiar with cryptocurrencies […]

The Right Way to Think About Crypto Tokens

Consumers might be the biggest winners when crypto tokens are designed correctly. At least that’s the case made by a new paper by MIT’s Christian Catalini and the University of Toronto’s Joshua Gans, which describes a simplified model that illustrates what might be a valuable price discovery role that utility tokens, or those that operate as […]

8 out of 10 Aussie Bitcoin traders are men

Eighty-three per cent of the 312,633 customers registered across seven Australian exchanges at the end of 2017 were male, according to joint research by the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA) and Accenture. ADCA chief executive Nicholas Giuretto said the findings also showed their was an appetite for digital currencies in Australia, and urged regulators and businesses […]

Researchers tap AI in the fight against ICO scams

There’s no definitive way to tell if an ICO is a scam, but a machine learning-based research method could make it easier to avoid the most obvious ones. A Chinese startup called Shannon.AI, working with researchers from Stanford, University of California Santa Barbara, and the University of Michigan, recently unveiled a white paper detailing an AI […]