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The future of money (research report)

According to a new report from J. Walter Thompson called The Future of Money: New Payments, Currency, Banking, and beyond, China is increasingly driving innovation in money and payments. Chinese consumers are twice as likely to know about blockchain as US consumers, and twice as likely to have tried a number of other disruptive new payment systems, from microinvesting […]

Start-up Genome report anoints China as start-up capital

According to Start-up Genome report 2018, China has surpassed the United States as a source of patent applications, and is rapidly catching up on the number of companies it has produced with a “unicorn” valuation above $US1 billion. The report found China had become the biggest driver of the global start-up revolution, which saw global venture […]

New record as fintech funding hit $5.4bn globally in Q1

Fintech funding continues to rise and rise as an investment class with $5.4bn across 323 deals was raised globally in Q1 of 2018. According to CB Insights’ Global Fintech Report Q1 2018, global fintech activity hit a new record during the quarter. The US saw the largest boost in deals while Europe saw fintech deal activity […]

FinTech’s Top Seed, Early, And Late-Stage VCs

Crunchbase News has taken a closer look at which VCs have invested the most in FinTech startups. They’ve organized VCs by top seed, early, and late-stage investors by the number of total investments since January 2017. Many of the investors on this list were influential in shaping the landscape of VC at all stages and across all […]

In Q1 2018, FinTech Startups Raise Record Amounts While Deal Counts Fall

Since 2016, more than $15.6 billion has been invested in seed, early, and late-stage U.S.-based FinTech startups. 2017 accounts for more than $7 billion of that total. Total dollar volume saw an increase of 25 percent year over year from 2016 to 2017. According to Crunchbase data, known dollar volume has grown by approximately 92 percent […]

Has the Cryptocoin Market Met Its Match in the SEC?

More than 180 coin offerings are expected to launch in March, according to an estimate from research firm Token Report. That would exceed January’s total of 175 and fall only a bit below February’s 197 offerings. But the March projects are expected to raise only $795 million, a 45% decline from February’s $1.44 billion. Despite […]

4 Predictions for Blockchain in Energy in 2018

GTM Research’s newest report, Blockchain in Energy 2018, discusses the current global landscape for blockchain in energy and makes four predictions for the nascent industry in 2018. Increased utility investment in blockchain U.S. utilities enter pilot phase Wholesale trading breaks into commercial deployment Other business models will crystallize As conversations about blockchain’s ability to disintermediate traditional […]

The Telegram ICO: What We Know (And Don’t) About 2018’s Biggest Token Sale

So far in 2018, Telegram‘s rumored ICO has been the talk of the industry – a remarkable feat given the global messaging platform’s executives have yet to utter those three letters together or confirm the company is, in fact, raising money via a sale of tokens called “grams.” Despite the company’s efforts and strict non-disclosure agreements, […]

46% of Last Year’s ICOs Have Failed Already

Having completed an extensive study into last year’s crowdsales, can report that 46% of them are effectively dead already – despite raising over $104 million. Tokendata, one of the more comprehensive ICO trackers, lists 902 crowdsales which took place last year. Of these, 142 failed at the funding stage and a further 276 have […]

Study: SMEs Believe Cryptocurrency Payments Will Hit the High Street in Two Years

A new study, conducted by Paymentsense, a card payment provider in the U.K. and Ireland, revealed that 35 percent of 504 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) remain confident of the future of digital currency payments. Notably, small business owners have a more optimistic outlook with a fifth, or 21 percent, of the opinion that cryptocurrency […]