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Five Reasons Why Balanced Teams Are So Important For Startups

Ben Jen — serial entrepreneur, angel investor and startup strategist, serving as principal consultant and investor with Ben Jen Holdings LLC — has identified five reasons why balanced teams lead to successful early-stage ventures. Balanced teams provide varied perspectives. Balanced teams define startup culture, which can make or break your business. Balanced teams create synergy. Venture capitalists […]

Explaining KYC, and why fintech startups need to know about it

Just a few years ago, businesses could have set up shop easily in Singapore. Now they need to undergo due diligence checks, such as declaring funding sources. There have been stricter regulations, which led to the increased importance of know-your-customer (KYC) processes for businesses. KYC is a process that allows businesses to identify who their […]

Coming Of Age: Fintech Companies Should Move On From Millennials

These days, for consumer fintech companies in wealth management it is all about the Millennials. However, Millennials are the generation with more debt than any prior generation thanks to things like student loans. According to the Deloitte Center for Financial Services, Millennials today have just 4% of the nation’s wealth, compared to 50% for Baby […]

How to Use AI in Fintech and Improve Your Financial Services

Apart from the fulfillment of common tasks, artificial intelligence can help you deal with financial issues as well, and you can do it successfully. There are a few main ways how AI is used today in the financial world: Advanced customer service Fraud detection Lowering the risk in P2P lending Improved insurance support Enhanced investment analysis […]

How to invest in the fintech era

Fintech has gone from virtually non-existent to a US$120 billion industry last year – all in just a few years. And UBS estimates that explosive growth still awaits, with global fintech revenues poised to rise three times as fast as traditional banking, reaching US$265 billion by 2025. In the coming decade, fintech is set to touch […]

Venture capital not always a golden goose

Jamie Pride, who authored the book Unicorn Tears: Why Start-ups Fail and How to Avoid It, believes that many business owners seeking venture capital to expand are going about the process the wrong way, or even seeking out funds they don’t actually need. According to him, having money can make business leaders lazy or distracted from their […]

5 Effective Research Methods To Design User-Centered Banking in FinTech

A lot of changes have been happening thanks to a continuously evolving FinTech industry, but many changes are yet to come. Understanding what customers want and need is very crucial for every business, and finance is no exception. There has to be a clear understanding of the things that either cause customers headaches or deliver […]

Five Things to Keep in Mind while Raising Funds through an ICO

ICOs are changing the way startup ecosystem operates. Based on the trend and its increasing popularity, companies that may be looking to raise funds through ICO should keep in mind the following aspects: Jurisdiction, regulation and compliance Fund requirement and utilization What kind of tokens should be issued? Safety and security Building and managing the […]

Bought bitcoin last year? Here’s how to save money on your crypto taxes

Here are five strategies to ensure that you are properly paying cryptocurrency taxes or minimizing the amount of taxes that you will pay on cryptocurrencies: Be a long-term investor. Immediately put money aside in dollars whenever you sell a cryptocurrency and make a profit (and not in another cryptocurrency). Keep a detailed record of all […]

The Investor’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Taxes

The April 17th tax deadline is fast approaching. CryptoSlate has published a guide that contains instructions on calculating taxes on your cryptocurrency investments. View the guide