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How the rich invest: Alex Waislitz shares his stock tip

The Melbourne-based businessman has turned $1.15 million into a $1.39 billion fortune over the past 25 years, making him the 54th richest person in Australia according to the Financial Review Rich List. Among some of Alex Waislitz‘s big returns in the past year have been buy now, pay later payments group Afterpay, which is up 314 […]

10 Best Secure Bitcoin Wallets All Cryptocurrency Investors Should Buy And Use

Security is becoming more important in the crypto space, especially when it comes to the latest wave of hacking and other security issues. Those who use a crypto wallet should ensure that they are using the best one possible, one that can keep their funds safe. According to Bitcoin Exchange Guide, here are the top ten […]

Fiserv: A Solid Fintech Firm

Fiserv is a fintech firm specializing in account processing systems, payment processing products and services in electronic, mobile, internet and card arena, and check processing and risk management tools. The firm’s customers include banks, savings banks, credit unions, investment management firms, leasing and finance companies, billers, retailers, merchants, and building societies. In its latest quarter, […]

Cryptocurrency: How To Avoid Getting Hacked

Hacks in the cryptocurrency space are problematic since transactions are irreversible. Since the network is decentralized and trustless, it doesn’t have a mechanism to discriminate between transactions that are made with stolen coins or legitimate ones. Without the ability to reverse a transaction, the protections around preventing illegitimate transactions become incredibly important. By implementing good […]

5 Things You Need to Know Before Investing in Cryptocurrency

You ought to be particularly careful with your crypto investments, especially if you participate in new ICOs. You are investing your hard earned income in crypto so make sure you get all the help you need. To get you started, have a look at the 5 basic rules you need to know about investing in crypto. […]

Still Considering Investing in Cryptocurrency? Here’s What You Need to Know.

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Phil Town discusses the practicalities of investing in cryptocurrency today. Is it still a good investment? Is it too volatile? Town warns that cryptocurrency is notoriously hard to understand. The technological aspect of cryptocurrencies make them particularly bewildering, especially if you’re just starting out. Watch the video

How To Spot Fraudulent ICOs… And Avoid Them [ANALYSIS]

How can you tell if an ICO is a legitimate investment or a scam that just aims to steal your money? There are several things to look out for.  If you’re seriously considering a particular ICO right now, here are some questions you should be asking before handing over your cold, hard cash, based in […]

How to check for verified ICO advisors before investing

Navigating the ICO market can be difficult for both amateur and seasoned investors alike, given that the knowledge required to make adequate assessments stems from fields as diverse as cryptography, game theory, economics, and law. More so, due diligence processes require inquiries that are not done easily online. The existing knowledge gap and the amount […]

How To Launch An ICO In The Current Crypto Climate

Many crypto companies try to raise money first and worry about consequences later. But, like Maury Povich confronting a runaway dad, it’s only a matter of time before the Securities and Exchange Commission tracks the deadbeat to a bar in Thailand and sentences him to eighteen years of repayments. However, there are several forms of […]

How not to lose money when buying tokens

Because of fraudsters, the crypto industry participants lose about $9 million daily. One of the riskiest areas for the investor is the purchase of tokens — digital assets of companies developing blockchain-based projects. But it’s difficult to frighten and stop token buyers. On average, investors who buy project tokens even at the stage of ICO can […]