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4 cryptocurrency trends to watch out for

Love it or hate it, cryptocurrencies have now grown to a point where they cannot be ignored. The CBOE and CME have launched their own cryptocurrency futures, the SEC and CTFC have gotten involved, and pretty much every mainstream publication that matters discusses cryptocurrencies one way or the other every day. In other words, cryptocurrencies […]

The battles for the future of fintech

The future of financial services will be decided in the back office and between major companies of the East and West. Digital technology has already ripped up and taped back together many industries but, until recently, the payments industry and financial markets dodged the major blows. Now these industries are racing to stay ahead as […]

Banking giant CEOs say blockchain will become global standard for banks in 5 years

Two CEOs from major global banking institutions have issued statements saying that blockchain technology will become a global standard for banks in five or six years. Ralph Hamers, CEO of ING Group, at the Money 2020 fintech conference in Amsterdam, said that banks are on their feet, developing their own solutions. He even added that it […]

Binance’s Venture Fund Head Is Waiting for ICO Bubble to Burst

Ella Zhang is in charge of investing $1 billion in blockchain-related businesses, yet her view on the market isn’t too rosy. Zhang, who joined cryptocurrency trading platform Binance to lead its venture incubator Binance Labs less than two months ago, said that while the bull market is positive because it attracts more users, the truly good projects […]

Fintech: Next wave of innovation to focus on B2B needs

Inter-business transactions can be a headache for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) due to the extensive documentation required, not to mention the cost of transferring funds. Fintech could provide the solution, says Kerry Agiasotis, managing director and executive vice-president of Sage Asia Pacific. He believes that payment-related fintech solutions could help drive real efficiencies in […]

A New Crop of Fintech IPOs Will Face Skeptical Investors

While there’s no shortage of financial technology startups, few have been brave enough to enter the public market in the U.S. That’s likely to change in the next 12 to 18 months. There are now close to 30 private fintech startups with valuations at or above $1 billion, according to data platform PitchBook. The question […]

Fintech for the Financially Excluded?

The potential for fintech to help the financially excluded populations of the world is well documented. As two billion people are still without bank accounts, savings, loans, and access to payment services, fintech is indeed a welcome innovation. Bamboo Capital Partners believes fintech can help low-income people reduce vulnerabilities, build assets, manage cash flow, and increase income, and […]

ICO Market: “More Regulators Will Become Active In The Space” – William Pao

Block Tribune talked with O’Melveny financial services litigator William Pao about Centra and other ICO issues. Pao has written on the “potential tsunami” of cryptocurrecy securities lawsuits and notes that in less than half a year, some 13 cases have been filed across the country challenging ICOs under federal and state securities laws. Read the […]

The 5 Top ICO Projects to Keep an Eye in February-March 2018

Multiple projects are being developed to capitalize on growing coins and blockchain technology popularity. outlines 5 most promising projects that use ICO model and are making their way through the market at the end of winter and the first month of spring 2018. Cappasity RightMesh Arbidex CoinMetro Rentberry Read more

Study: SMEs Believe Cryptocurrency Payments Will Hit the High Street in Two Years

A new study, conducted by Paymentsense, a card payment provider in the U.K. and Ireland, revealed that 35 percent of 504 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) remain confident of the future of digital currency payments. Notably, small business owners have a more optimistic outlook with a fifth, or 21 percent, of the opinion that cryptocurrency […]