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The battles for the future of fintech

The future of financial services will be decided in the back office and between major companies of the East and West. Digital technology has already ripped up and taped back together many industries but, until recently, the payments industry and financial markets dodged the major blows. Now these industries are racing to stay ahead as […]

My Continuing Adventures in Fintech

In his article, WealthManagement reporter John Kador throws open the covers of his accounts with the fintech platforms Lending Club, Upstart and Acorns. In addition, he reviewes his more recent experience with Fundrise, a low-cost platform for non-accredited investors to invest, on a fractional basis, in real estate. Read the article

Experts say Cryptocurrency Crimes will be on the Rise this Year

Several financial and blockchain experts recently spoke on a panel called “Blockchain, The New Digital Age” at Tel Aviv University’s annual Cyber Week cybersecurity conference. The experts touched on some of the obstacles that blockchain and cryptocurrency face on their way to mass adoption. Crime being a deterring factor in the spread of cryptocurrency was […]

India pole vaults to top 5 nations in FinTech, says Amitabh Kant. Guess how much was invested in 2017

The number of deals happening in the financial technology space of India has witnessed a sharp increase from 2014 onwards. In 2017 itself, the sector saw an investment of $3 billion coming in, tweeted NITI Aayog CEO. A few days back, Amitabh Kant had said that low cost Internet based transactions and business efficiency due to […]

FinTech And Asset Management

The Institute for Innovation Development recently talked with David Halligan, director of sales and account management of SalesFocus Solutions—a FinTech company that focuses on sales analytics and reporting solutions for asset management firms. Their MARS Product Suite was designed to transform data from asset managers into actionable business insights to identify new sales opportunities, obtain […]

Six Alternatives to an Initial Coin Offering

Whenever a new musical movement emerges – punk; nu-metal; emo – bands lumped into the genre rush to distance themselves from it. Something similar has happened with ICOs: everyone’s in them, but no one wants to admit to being in them. Instead, we have the spectacle of projects dressing their ICO up as a “token […]

Investing In Cryptocurrency Likened To Investing In The Internet 10 Years Ago

Cryptocurrency – and more specifically, Bitcoin – is often likened to the Dot-com bubble that lasted from 1995 until 2001. Investors flocked with open checkbooks to anything and everything that was pitched as an online business. Similarly, billions of dollars are being poured into the growing number of ICOs. But does this mean that it […]

All global currencies will become cryptocurrencies, CEO of Goldman-backed start-up says

Every currency in the world — from the U.S. dollar to the Chinese yuan — will have its own cryptocurrency version, Jeremy Allaire, the CEO of fintech firm Circle, said. Allaire’s start-up offers a blockchain-powered app that lets people send money to each other for free. Circle recently said it wants to introduce a new cryptocurrency […]

5 Fintech Companies Revolutionizing The Banking Industry

Innovation in financial services and mobile banking is proceeding at a searing pace, even if the massive change and upheaval unfolds beneath the headlines. The $8.5 trillion U.S. financial services industry is going through a dramatic transformation, with incumbents fending off upstart fintech companies that promise to disrupt their old ways of doing business. In the […]

Rules for Cryptocurrency Investing: Circle’s Rachel Mayer Has Some Ideas

Rachel Mayer‘s company Trigger, which let investors create rules to automate their trades, was acquired last year by crypto giant Circle, and she believes rules-based strategies can apply to cryptocurrencies. While Circle doesn’t currently offer the tools to create “triggers” for trades, she expects these will be available in the future for traders and ordinary investors. […]