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What Does The First Investor In Venmo Think About Fintech Right Now?

Benzinga is rolling out the Fintech Focus podcast, a series of interviews with leaders in the fintech space. Their first episode features Kamran Ansari, a partner at VC firm Greycroft, and covers a swathe of hot topics in the fintech venture space. Ansari was an early investor in Venmo and Braintree, and helped grow the […]

3 Ways Cryptocurrency Investors Can Adapt to Make Money in 2019

2018 has been an incredibly rough year for cryptocurrency and unless one shorted the market it’s hard to argue against that observation. While the world’s top analysts are dead set in their belief that cryptocurrency prices will moon in 2019, nothing is a given and 2018 taught plenty of investors of the dangers of making […]

ICO Launch Malta CEO: Days of Utility ICOs Numbered, Market Shifting Toward STOs (Interview)

Jan Sammut is a veteran ICO advisor, founder and CEO of, Malta’s first full stack ICO agency. As one of the most crypto-knowledgeable people in Malta, Jan Sammut’s opinion carries much weight with locals as well as the extended European crypto community. Jan ran Malta’s first ICO and launched Europe’s first MiFID 2 compliant security […]

Nordic Fintech Report

Five Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden partnered to provide insight on the investment landscape, regulatory environment and opportunities and challenges in fintech they are faced with in their region. Read more Download the report

Is China about to launch its own cryptocurrency?

One of the most powerful centralized institutions in the world, People’s Bank of China (PBOC) — China’s central bank — could be adopting Bitcoin’s underlying technology, blockchain, to digitalize the renminbi (RMB). This is not just a theory. In recent months, it has repeatedly been reported that PBOC is researching and developing its own digital currency. […]

Does Cryptocurrency Have Speculative or “Real” Value? Is There a Difference?

One of the strongest narratives in the midst of the present crypto bear market is that of speculation vs. use, of what is perceived as “real” value compared with “fake” value of investors buying it for speculative reasons. Much of the discussion revloves around classifying most projects as speculative, while preferred ones are branded as […]

Which Fintech Startup Holds The Key To Argentina’s Future?

Argentina’s financial system is broken, and the nation’s Fintech startups are building technology solutions to challenge the status quo. These companies, many of which focus their efforts on devising solutions for the 50% of the population lacking a bank account, are accomplishing what the government and traditional banks have failed to achieve: offering real and […]

How the rich invest: Alex Waislitz shares his stock tip

The Melbourne-based businessman has turned $1.15 million into a $1.39 billion fortune over the past 25 years, making him the 54th richest person in Australia according to the Financial Review Rich List. Among some of Alex Waislitz‘s big returns in the past year have been buy now, pay later payments group Afterpay, which is up 314 […]

Fiserv: A Solid Fintech Firm

Fiserv is a fintech firm specializing in account processing systems, payment processing products and services in electronic, mobile, internet and card arena, and check processing and risk management tools. The firm’s customers include banks, savings banks, credit unions, investment management firms, leasing and finance companies, billers, retailers, merchants, and building societies. In its latest quarter, […]

What is digital transformation?

Chris Skinner on digital transformation: «Most companies were born in the industrial age and are trying to evolve to be digital. However, the truly digital companies were born on the internet. For industrial-era companies to transform to be truly digital, they have to completely transform their business to have its core foundation built on the […]