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Fear The PowerGhost Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

Kaspersky Lab has identified a new type of cryptojacker, which it dubbed PowerGhost for the malware’s ability to stealthily embed itself into a system and spread across corporate networks. The malware has been recognized in business networks globally, including North America and Europe, but with the highest occurrences so far in India, Brazil, Columbia, and Turkey. Due […]

Cryptocurrency mining apps banned on Play Store by Google

Google has banned cryptocurrency mining apps from the Android Play Store. The policy of Google is similar to Apple’s policy which still allows mining if the processing happens in the cloud. Though on-device mining on Android hardware has been banned now. The ban on cryptocurrency miners in the Play Store also follows a Google block on […]

Report Shows Egypt is Covertly Mining Cryptocurrency on Citizens’ Computers

The Citizen Lab, an interdisciplinary laboratory at the University of Toronto, published a report strongly suggesting that Egypt has been mining cryptocurrency secretly on its citizens’ computers. The report explained that Sandvine/Procera Networks Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) devices were used to covertly raise money through affiliate ads and cryptocurrency mining in Egypt. Read more View the Citizen Lab […]