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Mexico Crypto Laws Wins Int’l Praise — and Warnings

A G24 report presented at the IMF-World Bank Bali Fintech event heaped praise on Mexico for pioneering “financial inclusion.” From March next year, crypto exchanges will need to apply to the central bank, Bexico, for operating permits. Exchanges will have to meet a range of Bexico criteria if they are to obtain permits, proving they […]

The Improved Framework for Investment in Mexican Fintech Companies

In response to the development and growth of the fintech industry in Mexico, the Mexican Congress enacted the Law to Regulate Financial Technology Institutions (the “Fintech Law”) in March 9, 2018. The rule-making and regulatory implementation process under the Fintech Law is underway, but may take up to 24 months following enactment of the Fintech […]

Mexico Becomes Latest Country to Regulate Cryptocurrency

Mexico’s Congress has approved new legislation that will govern the country’s fin-tech sector, with special provisions that address cryptocurrencies and crowdfunding. The bill was approved by the Senate in December before making its way to the lower house for a vote. The next and final step is official sign-off from President Enrique Pena Nieto. The […]