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Russia’s ‘Disappointing’ Cryptocurrency Legislation: Why Experts Consider the Bill a Failure

Russia has been trying to pass cryptocurrency legislation since the beginning of January 2018, with no success as of yet. The government’s main bill, “On Digital Technologies,” which was expected to be passed by July 1, will instead most likely be pushed back until an October Duma session. The problems arising within Russia over how […]

Bermuda Passes FinTech Bill And Develops An Agreement With Binance

Bermuda’s lower house of parliament has passed an act to regulate ICOs and encourage growth of the island’s FinTech industry, just after announcing the country entered a $15 million agreement with Binance. The new FinTech legislation is expected to create a regulatory framework for ICOs and take advantage of «significant interest» in Bermuda by players in the crypto community. The MoU between […]

Neufund CEO Calls SEC Crackdown on Crypto a «War»

Speaking at the Cryptochicks Conference in Toronto, Zoe Adamovicz, CEO of Neufund, an online equity token-investing platform based in Germany, characterized the current regulatory crackdown in the US as as much about protecting investors as a matter of jurisdictional competition, where countries, negotiate how to «welcome or protect» certain industries. According to Adamovicz, countries with large […]

Lawyer’s Guide to Understanding The Legal Risks of ICOs

Where there are profits to be won, lost or stolen, then governments and their rules, regulations, and laws surely follow. So it is with cryptocurrency and ICOs. It is important that you do your homework in this cryptocurrency world. It may seem relatively straightforward, but this new area of law can be quite complex. Read more

Russia Unveils ICO Regulations, Underpinned By The Ruble

Russia’s Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications (MinComSvyaz) has prepared regulations for ICOs. The document is currently in the public discussion stage. Some of the most notable points in the document are: ICO organizers would be accredited for a period of 5 years; Accreditation is proposed to be voluntary and controlled by MinComSvyaz; ICOs must be registered […]

Russia Drafting Blockchain Legislation to Speed Up Adoption

The Russian government is developing a regulatory framework for the full-fledged use of blocking technology and may have the draft ready within months. Russia is one of the most active countries when it comes to blockchain projects. Currently, almost 10% of all ICOs come from Russia, according to Icobench. Read more

Tennessee Passes Bill Recognizing Smart Contracts and Blockchain Transactions

The governor of Tennessee, USA, has signed a bill into law that recognizes “the legal authority to use blockchain technology and smart contracts in conducting electronic transactions.” The new bill also “protects the ownership rights of certain information secured by blockchain technology” under state law. Read more

Cryptocurrency And ICO Laws Submitted To Russian Legislature

Two bills relating to cryptocurrencies and ICOs have been submitted to the lower house of Russia’s legislature, the State Duma. The titles of the bills are On Digital Financial Assets and On Alternative Ways of Crowdfunding. The development comes after the country’s Ministry of Finance and central bank reportedly reached a consensus on the topic of whether […]

France Wants To Create ICO Framework To Lure Startups Its Way

France is working on a regulatory framework that would enable startups to raise funding via cryptocurrencies. The French government is aiming to introduce legislation that lets companies launch ICOs and get a formal stamp of approval. That is aimed at protecting investors from ICOs that ultimately have no value. The idea is to make France […]

DOJ, SEC Argue Vague Laws No Excuse for ICO Fraud

In twin filings submitted on March 19, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) dismissed claims by defendant Maksim Zaslavskiy that U.S. securities laws don’t apply to the sale of tokens tied to two ventures, one backed by real estate and the other by diamond holdings. The DOJ’s filing strikes a […]