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Fintech: are you ready to get on board for the boom?

Fintech is attracting attention because of the significant sums being invested in the sector. During the first half of this year, global fintech investment reached a record high of $57bn, and the UK attracted more of that investment ($16bn) than the US or the rest of Europe combined. How such investment translates to actual returns […]

Survey finds fintech sector ready to deal with talent crunch

China is facing an acute shortage of professional fintech talent, a survey by recruitment company Michael Page China found. The survey found that recruitment of fintech talent was found to be a challenging experience, with 85 percent of employers expressing difficulties. As cited by 45 percent of respondents, the biggest hurdle for them remains the shortage […]

Singapore’s fintech ambitions bump up against immigration curbs

Technology startups in many countries are fighting to attract skilled workers like software engineers. Yet in the tiny city-state of Singapore, with a population of 5.6 million, the dearth of talent is particularly acute. As a small, open economy Singapore relies on foreign talent to help meet its skills needs. Yet a gradual tightening of immigration […]

Fintech sector increasingly attractive compared to traditional banking for IT professionals

An increasing number of advertised jobs, higher average pay and IT’s prominent position in fintech is making the sector a more attractive option than the traditional banking sector for IT professionals. Job vacancies in the UK fintech sector increased 9% in the last 12 months, while the traditional UK banking sector advertised 3% less. On average, fintech employees […]