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Japan’s cryptocurrency industry to launch self-regulating body

The Japan Blockchain Association and the Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association are expected to merge as early as April to form a self-regulating body, seeking to better safeguard investors after last month’s $530 million heist of digital money, sources involved in the negotiations said. The Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association said in a statement that nothing has […]

PRIMER: ICO regulation in Asia

In Asia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and South Korea are some of the most active jurisdictions in cryptocurrency trading, prompting regulators to make changes to existing laws. Some, such as China and South Korea, have banned ICOs, while others have issued clarification statements on ICOs, warning potential investors on the possibility of fraud. Many […]

Japan Cracks Down on Foreign ICO Agency Operating Without License

Japan’s Financial Service Agency (FSA) will issue a warning to an unregistered ICO agency, which has been conducting business in Japan without a license. The warning will be issued to Blockchain Laboratory, based in Macau. The FSA has repeatedly advised the company to halt its business activities in Japan, without success. According to the officials of the […]