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6 fiction novels top tech leaders love to read

A serious entrepreneur must only read about the world order, or latest scientific discoveries, or management skills, right? Wrong. As it goes, top tech and startup leaders across the world read as much fiction as other things. Here’s a list of six works of fiction top entrepreneurs count as their favorites. The list is obviously […]

Merriam Webster Adds “Fintech” to Dictionary

Merriam Webster added more than 840 new words in the dictionary. The organization reported that words from digital technology are an “important part” of the new list and among those added was fintech. According to Merriam Webster, “Fintech” was first known to be used in 1971 is now defined as “products and companies that employ […]

World’s First Book ICO Is Now Live

The first book ICO launched by travel writer Matthew Kepnes is and running. A hard cap of just $10,000 has been set for the ICO which runs until June 20, 2018. This represents 1000 books at $10 each. As such, this Book ICO is not providing readers with a cheaper book via Publica. The main benefit for the investors […]