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A snapshot of Indonesia’s financial tech scene

According to a May 2018 report published by Fintech Singapore on the state of the Indonesian fintech scene, the total value of disclosed fintech investment as of 2017 is $176 million, with the transaction value in 2018 projected to be $22 million. Only half of all adults in Indonesia have a bank account, which means that […]

Meet the 20 top-funded startups and tech companies in Indonesia

Which Indonesian firms are most likely to have global impact? One way to judge – although imperfect – would be the amount of money they have raised. Tech in Asia has generated a constantly updated list of 20 startups and tech companies in Indonesia who have raised the most money from investors in the past […]

Policymakers must regulate fintech to minimize risks, maximize contribution to society

Policymakers and regulatory bodies must formulate regulations to make sure that the fintech sector complies with security standards as well as contributes to society’s greater good. That conclusion was reached by a group of panelists at summit organized by the Indonesian Venture Capital and Startups Association (Amvesindo) and the Ministry of Communications and Information and […]