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Here’s What It Costs to Get Your ICO Token Listed on an Exchange

According to research from Autonomous Next LLP, cryptocurrency exchanges are raking in millions of dollars from ICO operators seeking to secure a spot for their tokens on high-volume trading platforms. Paying an exchange to list your token is more or less creating a secondary market, which is a factor that regulatory agencies such as the US […]

Australian Regulations for Cryptocurrency Exchanges Introduced

Australia’s new legislative guidelines for the operation of cryptocurrency exchanges were introduced on the 3rd of April 2018. From now on, Australian digital currency exchange businesses will be required to register and comply with anti-money laundering/counter-terrorism financing laws. Australian virtual currency exchanges must also identify and verify the identities of their customers, keep certain records for […]

Exchange to Investigate Another Chinese Stock Over Blockchain Claims

China’s Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) is investigating the second public company within a week over a claimed blockchain partnership. The SZSE is requiring a healthcare device maker called Lifesense to provide details over its announcement that it will partner with a blockchain startup to launch a research lab, purportedly aimed to boost blockchain adoption in the healthcare sector. The […]

Gibraltar: ‘200’ ICOs Waiting To Launch On New Blockchain Exchange, Managing Director Claims

Gibraltar has already attracted “200” prospective ICOs ahead of the planned launch of its Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), according to GBX chief executive Nick Cowan. GBX is further scaling up its regulatory team to cope with the demand to ensure it hits its target of five day turnaround on ICO applications for first response. Read more

Coinbase Releases Cryptocurrency Tax Calculator

Cryptocurrency startup Coinbase has launched a new gain/loss calculating tool as part of an effort to help its user base keep up with U.S. tax requirements. The calculator can be used to generate a report which outlines users’ capital gains (or losses) on Coinbase platform, using a first-in-first-out (FIFO) accounting method. The tool is primarily […]

Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrency Exchanges Must Register: SEC

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has come out with a new report saying the cryptocurrency exchanges trading in security tokens must register with it.  The report also carries warnings on the dangers of crypto exchanges that are unregulated and states that every trading platform that exchanges digital assets are reckoned as securities and must register with the regulator. […]

Bithumb to Bring Cryptocurrency Kiosks to South Korean Restaurants

Bithumb, South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has announced plans to provide restaurants and cafes with digital currency kiosks.  This will allow customers to pay for their food with their virtual currency holdings on Bithumb. Bithumb will offer multiple different options to the businesses utilizing their kiosks, allowing the proprietors to choose the best service for their needs. […]

Japan suspends trade on 2 cryptocurrency exchanges

Japan’s Financial Services Agency has ordered two cryptocurrency exchanges — Bitstation and FSHO — to stop doing business for a month. Five others, including Coincheck, were instructed to improve internal controls and report back to the regulator. The action follows an investigation into digital currency exchanges that found poor compliance with anti-money laundering standards, badly […]

Bitcoin Startup Backer BnkToTheFuture Closes $33 Million ICO

Digital investment firm BnkToTheFuture has officially concluded a $33 million token sale. The U.K. company, which boasts more than 60,000 accredited investors, has made its name allowing customers to purchase traditional equity in cryptocurrency exchanges and other blockchain startups, including BitFinex, Kraken and BitPay. This year, the company intends to launch a secondary securities token […]

Bitcoin exchanges add tech to make transactions 20% cheaper

Two of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges — Coinbase and Bitfinex — are aiming to make bitcoin transactions faster and cheaper with a new software update announced this week. Both Coinbase and Bitfinex said they are adopting a software called SegWi. The move should lower transaction fees by up to 20 percent, and speed up trading across […]