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Crypto Investors Sue US Rapper T.I. over FLiK Coin Project

A group of US investors have filed a lawsuit against rapper T.I. and his business partner Ryan Felton, accusing both men of conducting an alleged cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme with their FLiK coin. The 25 plaintiffs are seeking $5 million in reparation after pouring $1.2 million in the digital asset project that T.I. and Felton launched […]

Lawsuit filed against DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather in Centra Tech Scam

DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather have been hit with a lawsuit from individuals who say that the stars were a part of an illegal cryptocurrency scam that screwed investors out of millions of Genuine dollars. The coin at the focal point of the outrage is called Centra Tech – and, as indicated by the legal […]

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Joins Blockchain Startup Equi Capital

Apple 1 inventor and Bitcoin bull Steve Wozniak revealed his upcoming involvement in fintech blockchain startup Equi Capital. Equi utilizes a hybrid structure that combines VC-style funding and crowdsourcing–allowing users to invest Equi tokens in select ventures through the platform. While sound in theory, the startup faced a few bumps in the road during its public […]

Here’s what happened to the cryptocurrencies that celebrities vouched for

Actors, pro athletes, and other celebrities can provide a little-known cryptocurrency with the star power it needs to gain enough attention from investors. And even if the SEC says it’s a highly dubious strategy, the hype is clearly working for some ICOs. But what happens after the celebrity promotes the coin? The Verge takes a look […]

Celebrities warned over risk of cryptocurrency endorsements

Celebrity endorsers of cryptocurrency fundraisers are at risk of legal action from regulators and investors, legal experts have warned, following a US case that highlighted the involvement of famous promoters in an ICO that collapsed. The SEC late last year warned that celebrities had to disclose any compensation they received to promote an ICO. Read more