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6 fiction novels top tech leaders love to read

A serious entrepreneur must only read about the world order, or latest scientific discoveries, or management skills, right? Wrong. As it goes, top tech and startup leaders across the world read as much fiction as other things. Here’s a list of six works of fiction top entrepreneurs count as their favorites. The list is obviously […]

Fintech Revolution Book Chapter Abstract of the Eco vs Egosystem

Money and the nature of value are transforming, as different currency systems emerge, which don’t fit existing classifications, while central banks and commercial banks are starting to adopt new technology around their existing services, with differing degrees of success. Sofie Blakstad and Rob Allen are embedded in driving this change, having moved from building international […]

A Guide to Financial Regulation for Fintech Entrepreneurs, reviewed

A Guide to Financial Regulation for Fintech Entrepreneurs by Stefan Loesch, clearly explains the purpose and structure of the regulatory environment, and provides readers with frameworks that enable them to develop an effective regulatory strategy. In the first part of the book, Loesch covers why financial services regulation exists, what its goals are and how Fintech […]