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Pakistan’s Central Bank Prohibits Crypto Dealings with a Circular

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has issued a circular on the «prohibition of dealing in virtual currencies.» Commercial banks and payment providers have been told to stay away from crypto operations. They should not facilitate transactions of virtual currencies and tokens, the document states. According to Pakistani media, SBP has also warned citizens against using […]

India Bans Banks from Processing Cryptocurrency Purchases

Indian residents can no longer purchase cryptocurrency through their bank accounts, according to new measures adopted by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The sweeping policy prohibits RBI-regulated institutions from allowing their customers to purchases cryptocurrencies, and it also bars banks from providing services to businesses dealing with or settling virtual currencies. The RBI statement acknowledges that blockchain […]

Chinese Investors Use Wechat Brokers to Bypass ICO Ban

China’s ICO ban has given rise to an industry of agencies providing brokerage services to Chinese investors seeking to invest in ICOs. Said cryptocurrency middle-men are reported to be promoting their services via popular social messaging app Wechat, and are charging a significant premium for the service. For example, An Hui Tian Ce Blockchain charges […]

The Cryptocurrency Industry Might Actually Benefit From an Ad Ban

Cryptocurrency startup founders who want to advertise their new companies can no longer rely on the internet’s largest platforms to help spread their message. But entrepreneurs and researchers committed to the future of blockchain tech largely say they’re getting along just fine—and that the ban might even be a good thing. While the advertising ban can feel […]

Chinese Government Official Warns of ICO Fraud

Xuewen Huo, Chief of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance, delivered a speech at the Museum of Fintech in Beijing to warn investors of ICO scams. In his speech, Huo asked nine questions regarding the reasons why the Chinese government had to ban ICOs. What is blockchain, Bitcoin, ICO, and tokens? What is its value? Where is its […]

Email Service MailChimp to Block ICO, Crypto Marketing

Email distribution company MailChimp will bar marketing campaigns for cryptocurrencies and ICO. The company will no longer allow its service to be used for crypto campaigns because they are «too frequently associated with scams, fraud, phishing, and potentially misleading business practices.» The policy change will take effect on April 30. Read more

Twitter Confirms Ban On Cryptocurrency Ads

Twitter Inc will start banning cryptocurrency advertising effective March 27, 2018. The ban will cover advertising for ICO and token sales. The policy will be introduced over the course of the next 30 days and will also include bans on cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet services, unless they are public companies and are listed on major stock exchanges. Twitter will […]

What Ban? Chinese Investors Continue to Participate in ICOs with Workarounds

It will take more than a government ban on ICOs to keep issuers away in China. Despite the ban, investors continue to gain access to newly issued tokens, which can be highly speculative in nature, while issuers have been dancing around the ban by domiciling their projects abroad. Another workaround for issuers has been to offer […]

Social Media Giant Snap Confirms It’s Banned ICO Ads

Snapchat became the latest social media giant to ban ads for ICOs. Snap Inc. has been quietly implementing the policy since February — restricting only advertisements for crypto-token sales, while allowing those related to cryptocurrency more generally. A Snapchat representative did not comment on whether the company plans to expand the ban to other crypto activities. Read […]

Google to Ban ICO and Crypto Ads Starting In June

Google has said it will change its financial product policy in June this year, a move that will see advertisements related to cryptocurrency effectively banned. The firm indicated that it will change its existing financial product restriction list in June this year, blacklisting ad content including but not limited to initial coin offerings (ICO), cryptocurrency […]