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An Inside Look at a Fintech Venture Builder in Southeast Asia

One of the toughest challenges as a founder is identifying the resources you need for your company. This task includes, of course, hiring and onboarding the right employees, and the like. However, it also extends to selecting the best programs to participate in from the wide variety of incubators, accelerators, and venture-builders already operating in […]

Cambodia establishes fintech association

Cambodia has become the latest country to launch a national body designed to foster more fintech collaboration with the launch of the Cambodia Fintech Association (CFA). The CFA will be based in the Cambodian capital’s Daun Penh district and its membership will initially comprise of banks, digital payment companies and financial operators. Read more

Southeast Asia’s top 30 tech startup founders

Three years ago, Tech in Asia compiled a list of Southeast Asia’s top 30 tech founders. They’ve update this list by using the funding data and research they’ve gathered over the past two years. Some of the founders from the previous tally remain, but new names have made it as well. Founders are only included […]

Fintech: Robo-advisors developing a better value proposition

As robo-advisory platforms become more common around the world, the focus of these service providers has shifted to creating a robust investment framework rather than just providing a convenient and affordable way to invest, says Michele Ferrario, co-founder and CEO of Singapore-based robo-advisor StashAway. Robo-advisory platforms are already commonplace in some countries, with the bigger […]

Most Asian companies unconvinced by blockchain’s use in trade finance

The majority of Asia’s top 1,000 companies are unconvinced that digital technologies such as blockchain will improve their trade finance experience. 54% of those polled in exclusive research conducted on behalf of Global Trade Review said they were either unsure whether it would translate into a better user experience, or that it would definitely not […]

Singapore FinTech Enables Instant Blockchain Remittance for Myanmar Migrant Workers in Thailand

Everex, a Singapore-based fintech firm, has partnered with Myanmar’s Shwe Bank to introduce blockchain-powered remittance services between Myanmar and Thailand. According to the UN Migration Agency, there are about three million Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand. The majority of this population adopt crude and informal means to send money home in an attempt to avoid […]

Japan leads China in overseas startup funding

According to a report by startup-focused online media platform Tech In Asia, Japanese funds and companies made 99 investments in Asian startups in 2017, compared with 64 deals by Chinese investors. The figures rose from 94 and 60 deals respectively the previous year. In terms of value, Japanese investors injected $16.8 billion in 2017, up […]

Meet the 100 top-funded fintech companies in Asia

The entire financial system could be due for an overhaul, and Asia is right in the center of it. Which company in Asia is most likely to challenge the status quo? An imperfect way to judge would be the amount of money they have raised. Using its data, Tech in Asia has generated a constantly updated list […]

Singapore Launches Blockchain Centre to Help Small and Medium-Sized Firms

A Singapore-based fintech startup PLMP Fintech has launched a massive blockchain centre to help small and medium-sized businesses in a number of industries. The new blockchain centre will be known as The Blockchain Technology Creatanium Centre (BTCC). The BTCC is hoping to provide various blockchain-based services for small and medium-sized businesses wanting to get started using the […]

VC investors explain why founders shouldn’t care about the funding climate

Pieter Kemps from Sequoia, Saemin Ahn from Rakuten Ventures, Hian Goh from NSI Ventures, and Chua Kee Lock from Vertex Ventures discussed the future of venture capital funding in Southeast Asia at the Tech in Asia 2017 conference in Singapore. Watch the video