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Tencent-backed mobile bank N26 launches in the UK and plans US expansion by early 2019

German app-only bank N26 has launched in the U.K. and is eyeing another expansion to the U.S. in the first quarter of 2019. Although it has a banking license recognized in Europe, N26 isn’t authorized in the same way by regulators in the States. So it is partnering with an American lender — which hasn’t yet […]

Circle Invest lets you buy cryptocurrency collections

With Circle Invest, Circle has been trying to make it as easy as possible to get started with cryptocurrency trading. And the company wants to go one step further with collections of multiple tokens. Circle introduced a feature called “buy the market”. In one tap, you can buy all the coins on Circle Invest, weighted depending […]

Freetrade Review: A Challenger Stock Trading App Built For The Instagram Age

Founded back in 2015 by CEO Adam Dodds and funded largely through crowdfunding, Freetrade has launched its colorful stock trading smartphone app in Britain to let anyone buy and sell stocks and ETFs. While a traditional online stockbroker like Hargreaves Lansdown charges £11.95 ($15.49) for a one-off trade, Freetrade boasts zero-fee investing and takes no commission on […]

The best UK digital investment apps: How to invest your money

The term ‘wealth management’ sounds purely applicable to the super rich. The fat fees taken by brokers and wealth managers means people with four figures of savings in the bank don’t tend to view investing as a viable option. Times have changed, however, and a crop of fintech startups have launched investment platforms for consumers, including apps […]

New AI-powered investment app to focus on Hong Kong millennials

Financial services provider CFSG has launched Hong Kong’s first artificial intelligence-powered financial investment app targeted at millennials, in a strategic partnership with broadband provider HKT. The app, named Alpha i, promises to execute trades in as fast as 0.8 milliseconds. Alpha i also claims to use “Nasa technology” as well as AI, deep learning and big data […]

London-based fintech unicorn Revolut adds the Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Cash and XRP to its app

In December 2017, Revolut launched a feature that allows its 1.8 million customers to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrencies instantly from within the app. In addition to Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, Revolut has today added XRP and Bitcoin Cash to its list of growing cryptocurrencies. The addition of XRP and Bitcoin Cash stems from overwhelming demand from the […]