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Blockchain International Show Will Present Latest Developments in London

On June 6-7, Smile-Expo will hold Blockchain International Show London, the major event in Europe, devoted to Blockchain technologies, their implementation in various industries, and the use of cryptocurrency. The event will last for 2 days and will be divided into 2 parallel sections. The first one will cover financial and regulatory questions, while the second will […]

WSJ: Telegram Cancels Plans To Launch Public ICO Due To Abundance Of Funds Already Raised

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has reported that Telegram’s plan to launch an ICO has been scrapped. The fact that the messaging app raised enough money already through their two private ICO rounds was cited as the reason for the decision. Read more

Labrys ICO: Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology For FinTech?

Australian FinTech startup Labrys specializes in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to improve the performance, security, and efficiency of various financial markets. The Labrys Platform is essentially a multi-layered architecture of distributed ledgers, redundant data stores, and enterprise services which, together, deliver a high performance, highly secure, and very scalable financial services that all the involved parties […]

Hong Kong and Singapore Emerge as New Meccas for Token Sales

Hong Kong and Singapore have recently emerged as the new Meccas for token sales following bans in China and South Korea. The number of initial coin offerings in the two countries has skyrocketed in recent months, as companies seek a favorable environment to raise funds outside their home countries. Neither Hong Kong nor Singapore currently has specific rules for […]

Upcoming ICO: DataBroker DAO to launch first sensor data marketplace via ICO

Belgium-based DataBroker DAO will launch the public round of its ICO on Thursday, April 26, following a successful ICO pre-sale. The ICO will run for one month, closing on May 26, and DTX (DataBroker DAO’s native currency) trading will commence on May 30. So far, only the CoinFalcon cryptocurrency exchange has confirmed support for the […]

Ten Australian blockchain companies raising millions and disrupting industries

It wasn’t until 2017 that the boom of consumer-focused blockchain projects, funded by easily facilitated ICOs, began to hit Australia. Early last year the country’s “first” ICO was kicked off by Chronobank and since then the floodgates have opened for disruptive blockchain companies, with many of them raising multiple millions to help get their ambitious […]

The Seven Pillars of ICO Investing

Crypto Asset Management (CAM) receives around a dozen emails per day from new companies planning on launching crypto tokens to raise capital. CAM, through the various funds and share classes it manages, invests in less than one out of every 100 ICOs that comes across its desk. The company has developed an analytical framework for […]

The ‘Wild West’ of financing: are ICOs the end of venture capital fundraising?

Start-ups today have many options to raise capital, with many needing an infusion of funds to get off the ground. Traditionally, new companies would have looked to venture capital (VC) to raise capital and to help their growth plans. Now, however, companies have a new option: Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Fast-growing technology start-ups are increasingly turning […]

‘I Think ICO is a Dirty Word’ — Lessons in Compliance from KodakCoin (Interview)

Bitcoinist spoke with Darren Marble, CEO of CrowdfundX, a fintech marketing firm that uses artificial intelligence and digital marketing to help its clients acquire retail investors and shareholders at scale. His company was responsible for designing, producing, and marketing historic Reg A+ IPOs to NASDAQ, NYSE, and OTC Markets Group, as well as Security Token Offers […]

Initial Coin Offerings: The Badlands Between Innovation and Regulation

Regulation is inherently reactive, and is an intrinsic response to innovation. The natural cycle of regulation begins with innovation, which is often misunderstood and foreign to regulators, and is followed by a period of bureaucratic interpretation and finally by enforcement. The SEC is now prepared to aggressively tackle the issues/violations associated with ICOs, hence the […]