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The DAICO: ICO Savior Or Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing?

Last week, a gaming platform called The Abyss closed its sale and launched one of the first decentralized autonomous initial coin offerings (DAICO). Originally proposed by Vitalik Buterin, the DAICO aims to empower investors and provide more accountability to a rattled ICO market. In a traditional ICO, a development team receives the entire amount raised in one lump sum […]

Russia’s Largest Bank to Pilot First Official ICO

Russian bank Sberbank CIB, the investment banking arm of major state-owned bank Sberbank, and the National Settlement Depository, which is part of the Moscow Stock Exchange Group, will pilot the country’s first official ICO using the Bank of Russia’s regulatory sandbox. The experimental ICO proceeds will reportedly be used to launch new tokenized online services by Level […]

Thai Fintech Association, ICORA offer crypto-assets training course

The Thai Fintech Association, together with ICORA Co Ltd, is offering a Crypto Asset Revolution (CAR) course, which will provide participants with a complete understanding and knowledge about investing in crypto assets and ICOs. Thai investors, business owners and professionals from financial institutions have a chance via the new course to learn important and useful […]

Move ‘Em Out: ICOs Don’t Seem So Scary Outside the US

In an environment of regulatory uncertainty, where the SEC has begun investigating ICOs and the industry surrounding the capital raising technology but has yet to make a formal decision of how it will regulate crypto tokens, issuers and other stakeholders are finding other jurisdictions a better bet for launching their projects. Both on stage and off during Blockchain […]

US regulator creates fake ICO to teach investors a lesson

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has come out with an ingenious way to guide prospective investors on looking for red flags on ICOs. The SEC recently launched an ICO web page to demonstrate potential investment victims what are the obvious signals of frauds and scams in connection with these investments. The spoof ICO […]

Amid ICO Crackdowns, Kodak Announces $50 Million Public Sale of Native Token

Despite global powers like the US and China scrambling around to prepare lucid regulatory laws for the burgeoning digital assets sector, American companies like Eastman Kodak are taking the audaciously bold plunge to launch their own ICO. On May 10, 2018, Wenn Digital, a big data and AI-enabled image recognition platform, officially announced the impending […]

Lessons Learnt From the 10 Largest ICO Fund Raises

These top ten ICOs have been very successful in gaining early positive attention around their projects: Petro EOS Telegram (GRAM) Dragon (DRG) Huobi (HT) Hdac (DAC) Filecoin Tezos The DAO (DAO) Sirin Labs (SRN) However, many on this list have had lackluster performances in the time since their ICOs. Irish Tech News gives a summary […]

FinTech Firm Quoine Launches ICO Platform

Japanese FinTech firm Quoine has created a new ICO platform called ICO Mission Control that provides a safe haven for both token participants and token issuers. The new platform, which is integrated with Quoine’s crypto-to-crypto exchange Qryptos, is an end-to-end solution aimed at helping blockchain projects conduct ICOs in a flexible, secure, transparent and scalable manner. The […]

Bermuda Passes FinTech Bill And Develops An Agreement With Binance

Bermuda’s lower house of parliament has passed an act to regulate ICOs and encourage growth of the island’s FinTech industry, just after announcing the country entered a $15 million agreement with Binance. The new FinTech legislation is expected to create a regulatory framework for ICOs and take advantage of “significant interest” in Bermuda by players in the crypto community. The MoU between […]

46% of ICOs Launched in 2018 Have No Business Plan

Market research on the ICO market in the first quarter of 2018 conducted by ICO Rating reveals that institutional investors are playing an increasingly large part in funding blockchain projects despite many of them having no development before they are launched. The report says that $3.3 billion dollars have been raised so far this year over 412 projects. […]