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Thailand tightens its grip on ICO regulation

The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are preparing to launch its first regulated ICO portal later this month. It appears that ICOs will be vetted on a case-by-case basis and will be added to the portal shortly after its launch, although there is no mention of a set date as yet. Thai regulators believe having […]

Thailand SEC Releases Warning Statement On ICOs

Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has released a warning to the public about investing in ICOs. The report explains that some of the coins being offered did not receive SEC approval, which means that investing in them could carry serious risk. The report identified nine digital tokens and ICOs that were not authorized by the […]

Caspian ICO Raises $19.5 Million for Institutional Crypto Trading Platform

Cayman Island-based fintech startup Caspian has completed an eight-figure ICO ahead of schedule. Founded earlier this year, Caspian ties together the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in a single user interface. The full-stack crypto asset management platform also offers compliance, algorithms, portfolio management, risk, and reporting. Caspian is serving to the need for tools that could simplify crypto […]

Swissquote Bank Offers Clients Purchase and Custodial Services for ICO Tokens

The online bank Swissquote became the first bank worldwide to offer services related to ICO tokens. The company will be in charge of purchasing and custodial services of ICO tokens for clients. According to the official announcement, users do not necessarily need to know how blockchain and virtual currencies work to enter the market. And indeed, […]

Lawsuit filed against DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather in Centra Tech Scam

DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather have been hit with a lawsuit from individuals who say that the stars were a part of an illegal cryptocurrency scam that screwed investors out of millions of Genuine dollars. The coin at the focal point of the outrage is called Centra Tech – and, as indicated by the legal […]

Only 13% of ICO’s Have A Running Product, Ernst & Young Report Shows

A new report from “Big Four” accounting firm Ernst & Young (EY) shows that only 13% of ICOs have launched a functioning project. In addition, EY confirmed that many ICOs are trading below their initial offering price. This new study from EY surveyed more than 141 ICOs that launched in 2017. Of the ICOs surveyed, […]

The SEC Is Setting Up a New Division to Talk to ICO Startups

The U.S. SEC is launching a new division with the goal of making it simpler for fintech startups – including those launching ICOs – to navigate the legal implications of their products. The Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology will act as a central point for the securities regulator to interact with entrepreneurs and […]

The Question of The ROI: How Much Can An ICO Pay You Back

When selecting potential projects for investment one of the important reason to invest is the return on investment (ROI). Considering that more than 300 new projects enter the market every month and some of them will not achieve their minimum goals, while others will seriously lose in price after being placed on the exchange, the […]

ICO Launch Malta CEO: Days of Utility ICOs Numbered, Market Shifting Toward STOs (Interview)

Jan Sammut is a veteran ICO advisor, founder and CEO of, Malta’s first full stack ICO agency. As one of the most crypto-knowledgeable people in Malta, Jan Sammut’s opinion carries much weight with locals as well as the extended European crypto community. Jan ran Malta’s first ICO and launched Europe’s first MiFID 2 compliant security […]

CryptoEvent RIW: Russian Internet Week Blockchain Conference Nov 21-23

CryptoEvent RIW is a massive international conference and exhibition event that will take place within the Russian Internet Week. The event will focus on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the development of Fintech. The topics of discussion will include how to find investments and work with the funds received, the analytics of the ICO market, experience of successful […]