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Former Macau gangster ‘Broken Tooth’ signs poker deal with secretive Chinese firm after raising US$750 million in ICO

Former Macau triad gangster “Broken Tooth” Wan Kuok-koi has partnered with a mysterious Beijing firm to back chess and poker tournaments in mainland China, as his company said it raised US$750 million in less than five minutes in an ICO for his “HB” cryptocurrency. In total, Wan’s company, World Hung Mun Investment, said it had sold […]

From $2.9 Billion in a Month to Hundreds Dead: Trends of the Rollercoaster ICO Market in 18 Months

Around 1000 cryptocurrencies have been considered deceased recently. It was attached to Bitcoin’s drop in value and was hinting toward a total cryptocurrency bubble. However, the cryptocurrency ecosystem is a little more complex than that, and one of the most interesting and staggering facets of it all has to do with the ICO marketplace. This rambunctious […]

Kingdom of Thailand Publishes New ICO Legalization Framework

The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission officially announced the upcoming launch of a new regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies and ICOs, scheduled to come into effect July 16, 2018. The pro-crypto Southeast Asian nation recently announced the legalization of domestic cryptocurrency markets with two royal decrees earlier this year. The Thai SEC’s statement unequivocally outlines the Thai […]

Execs at Payments Giant Qiwi Launch Crypto Investment Bank

Executives at the blockchain arm of Qiwi, one of the largest e-payment providers in Russia, are launching a crypto investment bank, called HASH, to advise investors and help domestic companies tokenize their assets once appropriate regulations are in place. Branded as “the first crypto investment bank in Russia,” HASH will manage clients’ ICOs, help them build […]

Facebook Is Reversing Its Ban on Cryptocurrency Ads—But There’s a Catch

Back in January, Facebook announced a ban on cryptocurrency-related advertising on its platform—a move that was soon echoed by Google. Now Facebook is partially reversing its ban. The social network and advertising giant will still aim to block ads that promote ICOs and so-called binary options, but it will now again accept ads for cryptocurrencies […]

Six Alternatives to an Initial Coin Offering

Whenever a new musical movement emerges – punk; nu-metal; emo – bands lumped into the genre rush to distance themselves from it. Something similar has happened with ICOs: everyone’s in them, but no one wants to admit to being in them. Instead, we have the spectacle of projects dressing their ICO up as a “token […]

5 ICO projects may soon launch in Thailand, regulator says

The Thai financial regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), is poised to approve five ICO projects to register for fundraising procedures, as soon as the organic law of Thailand’s digital asset decree takes effect in late June. The SEC has received a total of 50 applications for ICO projects seeking to raise funds from the Thai […]

Thai Sec Confirms ICO Tokens Will Not Be Traded Against Fiat Currencies

The SEC in Thailand is ready to regulate cryptocurrency in the country. Cryptocurrency regulation will bring more legitimacy to this industry. A key aspect of the new rules is that ICO tokens cannot be traded for fiat. The agency seeks to make all service providers comply with these rules by the end of June. It is an organic […]

World’s First Book ICO Is Now Live

The first book ICO launched by travel writer Matthew Kepnes is and running. A hard cap of just $10,000 has been set for the ICO which runs until June 20, 2018. This represents 1000 books at $10 each. As such, this Book ICO is not providing readers with a cheaper book via Publica. The main benefit for the investors […]

Bitcoin And Blockchain Fair 2018: June 16-17 Exhibition Showcase Event

The 2018 Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair will be held in Melbourne Australia on 16th to 17th June 2018. The venue of the two-day forum will be at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC). During the first day, the focus will be on cryptocurrency and ICO engagement. The second-day focus will be on blockchain technology overview, […]