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Here Is Where CEOs Of Heavily Funded Startups Went To School

Crunchbase News looked at CEOs of U.S. companies funded in the past three years that have raised at least $100 million in total venture financing. The intent was to see whether educational backgrounds of unicorn and near-unicorn leaders differ markedly from the broad startup CEO population. The analysis showed that most CEOs of well-funded startups do […]

Hong Kong’s tech ambitions given major boost with AI lab funding

Hong Kong received a major boost to its technology ambitions with the launch of an AI lab jointly funded by SenseTime, which specialises in large scale facial recognition systems, and the Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund. The lab will collaborate with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation to roll out a six-month accelerator […]

OMA Among Winners of Competition for Unicorn Island Masterplan in China

OMA has been announced as one of four firms to win an international competition for the design of Unicorn Island in Chengdu, an “innovative masterplan specifically designed for New Economy companies.” As China moves from a production-orientated economy to a knowledge and service-based economy, the masterplan seeks to provide a variety of working and living […]

Japan shouldn’t try and replicate Silicon Valley to spur innovation, venture capitalist says

If Japan wants to spur innovation from startups, it shouldn’t try to replicate Silicon Valley. That’s the message from James Riney — head of venture capital fund 500 Startups Japan — to companies nationwide amid the increased attention given to startups. A former banker at JPMorgan Chase & Co. in Tokyo, Riney said one way Japan […]

Five Reasons Why Balanced Teams Are So Important For Startups

Ben Jen — serial entrepreneur, angel investor and startup strategist, serving as principal consultant and investor with Ben Jen Holdings LLC — has identified five reasons why balanced teams lead to successful early-stage ventures. Balanced teams provide varied perspectives. Balanced teams define startup culture, which can make or break your business. Balanced teams create synergy. Venture capitalists […]

IPO market slows in 2018 on back of geopolitical uncertainty

IPO activity has been somewhat slow for the first quarter of 2018, in part on the back of market uncertainty at the start of the year. The Americas had a relatively strong showing, reflecting a number of mega-IPOs, such as PagSeguro Digital, which raised $2.3 billion, and ADT, which raised $1.5 billion. UK markets were […]

How existing investors doubled down on ThoughtSpot and turned it into a unicorn

A Palo Alto-based AI-driven analytics firm ThoughtSpot wanted to raise only $70 million but ended up with more than double that sum at $145 million. The amount eventually helped the company put itself among a raft of Indian-led unicorns based in the Silicon Valley, with a value of over $1 billion. Interestingly, most of the funding […]

CEO of Singapore’s first blockchain unicorn shares insights on the Asian crypto space

One of the prominent concerns of the blockchain revolution is how different countries are approaching the technology. Some have been hesitant while others have thrown caution to the wind. Asia is unique in this regard, as it has unmatched blockchain ambitions. With this in mind, Tech in Asia writer Joe Liebkind spoke with Patrick Dai, the […]

Venture capital not always a golden goose

Jamie Pride, who authored the book Unicorn Tears: Why Start-ups Fail and How to Avoid It, believes that many business owners seeking venture capital to expand are going about the process the wrong way, or even seeking out funds they don’t actually need. According to him, having money can make business leaders lazy or distracted from their […]

Race to $1 bn: Which Indian startup was the fastest to get unicorn status?

Venture capital and private equity investors have pumped billions of dollars into the Indian startup ecosystem over the past few years, producing more than a dozen unicorns in the process. E-commerce venture Paytm Mall became the newest member of the unicorn club when it raised $445 million last month from Japanese behemoth SoftBank and Chinese […]