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Survey: 30% Of Financial Executives To Commit Resources To Blockchain

The Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF) has released a report prepared in partnership with Deloitte on how blockchain technology is being employed in financial applications. The report entitled Blockchain for Financial Leaders: Opportunity vs. Reality analyzes how blockchain could affect financial reporting, staffing, and other areas essential to executives. Researchers surveyed a group of financial executives, […]

Russia’s Megafon to Create Fintech-Oriented Joint Venture with Gazprombank, Rostec

Megafon, the second largest mobile phone operator in Russia, announced that it would initiate a joint venture with Gazprombank, Rostec, and USM Holdings, to deploy digital projects, including those related to blockchain. The new company, called MF Technology, will help the partnering companies unite their expertise in various industries, like telecommunications, IT, financial services and […]

Facebook is launching a new team dedicated to the blockchain. Messenger’s David Marcus is going to run it.

David Marcus is leaving Messenger to take over a new internal Facebook team dedicated to exploring blockchain technology. The team will be small at launch, fewer than a dozen people, but will include a few key Instagram executives who are moving over to join Marcus: Instagram’s VP of Engineering, James Everingham, and Instagram’s VP of […]

CEO of Singapore’s first blockchain unicorn shares insights on the Asian crypto space

One of the prominent concerns of the blockchain revolution is how different countries are approaching the technology. Some have been hesitant while others have thrown caution to the wind. Asia is unique in this regard, as it has unmatched blockchain ambitions. With this in mind, Tech in Asia writer Joe Liebkind spoke with Patrick Dai, the […]

JPMorgan Seeks Patent for Blockchain-Powered Interbank Payments

JPMorgan Chase is seeking to patent a system for using distributed ledgers as a way to facilitate and reconcile financial transactions, newly-released filings show. In a patent application published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday (which was originally submitted last October), JPMorgan outlined a system that uses distributed ledgers to record payments being sent […]

Bermuda Passes FinTech Bill And Develops An Agreement With Binance

Bermuda’s lower house of parliament has passed an act to regulate ICOs and encourage growth of the island’s FinTech industry, just after announcing the country entered a $15 million agreement with Binance. The new FinTech legislation is expected to create a regulatory framework for ICOs and take advantage of “significant interest” in Bermuda by players in the crypto community. The MoU between […]

An Interview with Sirin Labs CMO on the Blockchain Smartphone ‘Finney’

CCN, in association with Brazilian industry outlet Criptomoedas Fácil, interviewed Nimrod May, CMO of Sirin Labs, to discuss the startup’s development of the world’s first smartphone to integrate blockchain technology. Codenamed ‘Finney’, the $1,000 smartphone will be manufactured by global giant Foxconn and will use Android as the operating system. Read the interview

Blockchain International Show Will Present Latest Developments in London

On June 6-7, Smile-Expo will hold Blockchain International Show London, the major event in Europe, devoted to Blockchain technologies, their implementation in various industries, and the use of cryptocurrency. The event will last for 2 days and will be divided into 2 parallel sections. The first one will cover financial and regulatory questions, while the second will […]

Blockchain is a ‘pixie dust’ fad, and its benefits in finance are ‘little to nothing’

Martin Walker, a director of the Center for Evidence-Based Management, a nonprofit that aims to improve the quality of executives’ decision-making, gave evidence about digital currencies and blockchain to members of Britain’s Parliament. Walker, who spent much of his career in banking and IT, told the Treasury Committee that “in terms of demonstrable benefits” of […]

Former Microsoft, Oracle execs raise $3M for digital identity enterprise blockchain startup Trusted Key

A new Seattle startup Trusted Key is using blockchain technology to help companies in finance, healthcare, and other industries identify their users securely without the need for passwords. Founded in 2016 by former executives at Microsoft and Oracle, Trusted Key turns real-world identities into a secure digital wallet that gives companies an identity mechanism that doesn’t require passwords, […]