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Pay for Play: Why Exchange’s Token Listing Fees are Bad for the Industry

Centralized exchanges have the power to make or break a coin–and more often than not, the coins who “become big” are the ones that can pay to play. Coin listing fees could be anywhere from $50,000 to $1 million, the higher end of which is “higher than the cost to list on most stock exchanges.” […]

Fintech Firm To Teach Blockchain Courses Via Live Stream And On-Site

Financial technology firm Future Fintech (FTFT) announced its partnership with Nova Realm City to provide its Blockchain Education Courses to the NRC Institution. The said courses are prepared by FTFT’s subsidiary Chain Future, and which will be rolled out on NRC’s live streaming platform FTFT’s Blockchain Education Courses will be taught in two media: live streaming and […]

A third of banks expect to hold cryptocurrencies on their balance sheets

The report named Digital Transformation in Financial Services from the law firm DLA Piper is focused upon how blockchain is changing the financial services markets around the world, with the aim of establishing the position of major financial institutions with regards to cryptocurrencies and the use of blockchain in their daily operations. The report picks up […]

Blockchain’s Popularity Among Large Enterprises Soared 11% This Year, Survey Finds

Juniper’s Blockchain Enterprise Survey: Deployments, Benefits & Attitudes (Second Edition) found that 65 percent of responding large enterprises – defined as those who employ a minimum of 10,000 staff – are “considering or actively engaged” in blockchain deployment, up 11 percent from the corresponding 54 percent figure last year. Further data analysis shows that nearly a […]

Daniel Zakrisson, CEO at ICO is not a way to raise funds. It’s a way to start your network

Startupers should initially treat an ICO as a tool for growing their business rather than just raise funds. It is the opinion of Daniel Zakrisson, CEO at Startup Accelerator. In the interview, he shares his perspective on the blockchain industry development in Sweden and gives tips for startupers aiming to launch ICOs. Read the […]

Belarus Seeks South Korean Investors Interested in Blockchain and Fintech

During a recent visit to Seoul, the deputy foreign minister of Belarus Andrei Dapkiunas reportedly stated that Belarus endeavors to establish relations with Korean investors interested in “fourth industrial revolution” technologies, including blockchain and AI. According to Dapkiunas, Belarus has developed “groundbreaking state legislation” in the IT sector, and the country is “making innovative strides on […]

2018 Blockchain and Initial Coin Offering Investment Already Exceeds 2017 Total

Recently released reports from two of the world’s largest auditing companies have concluded that investment in blockchain technology is accelerating. The two reports, one from KPMG and the other from PwC, found that blockchain technology had drawn enormous attention from investors in the first half of 2018. The reports also concluded that U.S. blockchain investment […]

PwC survey says Blockchain has trust issues

PwC surveyed 600 executives in 15 countries and territories— Australia, China, Denmark, France, Germany, HK, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, UAE, the UK, and the US—on their development of blockchain and views on its potential. At 29% the US leads the world in 2018 in blockchain development but PwC predicts that between 2021 to […]

Japanese Social Media Giant LINE Launches Cryptocurrency, DPoS Blockchain

Japanese social media company LINE has launched its own cryptocurrency, named “LINK,” complete with an independent blockchain designed to serve as a platform for decentralized applications (dApps). The blockchain is based on a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm to facilitate speedy transactions. Further, the blockchain is already up and running. LINE stated that it has no […]

Huobi Teams Up with NTUC to Launch Blockchain Courses in Singapore

Huobi Group, a global digital assets and services provider, said on Friday it has teamed up with Singapore-based National Trading Union Congress Learning Hub to introduce a series of new courses on blockchain for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and fintech professionals in the region. The courses will cover fundamental aspects of Bitcoin and distributed ledger technology, with […]