New Global Fintech Hub Report Puts China at Top, Silicon Valley in 2nd Place

The ranking, produced by the Sinai Lab from Academy of Internet Finance, Zhejiang University, in partnership with the Zhejiang Association of Internet Finance, has created the Global Fintech Hub Index (GFHI) that aims to portray the global development of Fintech industry and increase the understanding of global Fintech hubs at both the regional and city levels. The report breaks down the rankings as follows:

  • Fintech Industry: Measuring regional/city-wide Fintech development based on the number of leading Fintech companies and total venture capital investment, etc.
  • Fintech Consumer Experience: Measuring the Fintech adoption rate which is the proportion of Fintech service users out of the total population and the acceptance of Fintech services in various regions/cities judging by Fintech usage, etc.
  • Fintech Ecosystem: Measuring the potential for future Fintech development and governmental attention received on basis of regional macroeconomic performance, Research and Development(R&D), and policy and regulatory environment, etc.

The authors have thus ranked the top 17 regions and top 30 cities in the GFHI.

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