Finding The Investable Needles In The Startup Haystack

When it comes to financial services and financial technology startups, making the right investment decisions is not easy or obvious work. Thousands of firms are born each year – all promising the next greatest advancement in managing money – but only a fraction of a fraction end up going the distance. And separating the wheat from the chaff isn’t easy, says Samantha Ghiotti, partner at Anthemis Group – particularly because there is a lot more chaff than wheat when it comes to early-phase startups. Anthemis holds a unique place in the startup investing marketplace. The firm is a VC investor itself – with a full and robust portfolio of financial services investments – and is also a strategic advisor for financial institutions looking for opportunities to either invest or even possibly acquire within the startup marketplace. Anthemis thinks hard about what is scalable and profitable, but as of late, they are also increasingly interested in what is helpful. Specifically, they are becoming very passionate about financial wellness, and have built their first investment vehicle and incubator around it. Thus far, Anthemis has made 11 investments in the space. The company is working with three firms in their incubator looking at areas like retirement, mortgage acquisition for young urban dwellers priced out of a down payment, or investments for people who haven’t participated in the market in the past.

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