Barclays Announces The Next 11 Companies Selected For The Tel Aviv Barclays Accelerator Program

Barclays has announced the next 11 companies to the 2018 Tel Aviv Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars. The company claimed that this program, which has been running since 2014, has become one of the most selective fintech accelerators in the world, with a growing list of alumni that are shaping the future of financial services. According to Barclays, the candidates, which were unveiled during a launch event at Rise Tel Aviv, were selected from more than 200 applicants, representing 39 countries.

The 11 companies selected for the program are the following:

  1. MADA Analytics: a predictive analytics company for optimising renewables.
  2. Cred: a personalised investment portfolio tool that matches a client’s existing worldview and long-term investing need.
  3. LiST: transforms life insurance policies into blockchain technology based tokens, and provides a marketplace for trading life settlement tokens.
  4. Safehouse: military grade security to Internet users with one button (or less).
  5. Kriptos: sophisticated software that classifies and labels company information using Artificial Intelligence.
  6. OKO Weather: an Insurtech company bringing crop insurance to emerging markets.
  7. InFront Compliance: automated compliance for companies and third-party vendors.
  8. Cubbit: the first distributed data-centre, built on a peer-to-peer network made of small, local domestic servers.
  9. MoreMoney: instant, off-the-shelf Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform powering a new generation of financial AI advisors.
  10. Homelend: a blockchain solution for the mortgage industry.
  11. Integer: providing liquidity to illiquid markets through the tokenization of underlying securities and assets.

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