12 Best-Funded Fintechs In Switzerland

Switzerland is becoming a global fintech center with a total of 220 incorporated fintech companies in the country, as of December 2017. These startups raised a total of CHF 130 million in venture capital and an astonishing CHF 271.3 million through ICOs in 2017, bringing the total amount raised to CHF 401.3 million, according to the IFZ Fintech Study 2018. According to Fintechnews Switzerland, 12 of the best-funded fintech companies in Switzerland to date are as follows:

  1. Avaloq, CHF 350 million
  2. Tezos, CHF 221 million
  3. Bancor, US$156.6 million (CHF 155.1 million)
  4. Status, US$95 million (CHF 94.1 million)
  5. SwissBorg, CHF 50 million
  6. Centralway, CHF 50 million
  7. Wefox, US$33.5 million (CHF 33.1 million)
  8. Additiv, CHF 21 million
  9. Ethereum, US$18.4 million (CHF 18.2 million)
  10. Crypto Finance, CHF 16 million
  11. NetGuardians, CHF 14 million
  12. Advanon, CHF 13.9 million

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