NY, Silicon Valley Remain Top US Fintech Hubs But Others Are Emerging

New York and Silicon Valley are the indisputable top fintech hubs in the US and amongst the largest ones in the world. New York’s leading global financial hub and Silicon Valley’s world renowned technology hub have provided both locations with the right resources to lead the fintech revolution. But in the past years, several other locations including Chicago and Charlotte have witnessed the emergence of a thriving fintech ecosystem. Chicago represents well over 20,000 financial institutions and currently acts as the epicenter for all fintech activity in the Midwest. It is home to two fifths of the top business universities in the US and over 6% of the Chicago workforce are focused on the financial ecosystem contributing to its already significant talent pool. In Charlotte, North Carolina, homegrown companies such as LendingRree and AvidXchange have put the city on the map for fintech. Additionally, the launch of initiatives such as Carolina Fintech Hub and Queen City Fintech have contributed to Charlotte’s rapidly growing fintech sector.

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