New AI-powered investment app to focus on Hong Kong millennials

Financial services provider CFSG has launched Hong Kong’s first artificial intelligence-powered financial investment app targeted at millennials, in a strategic partnership with broadband provider HKT. The app, named Alpha i, promises to execute trades in as fast as 0.8 milliseconds. Alpha i also claims to use “Nasa technology” as well as AI, deep learning and big data analytics to better predict market trends such as share price rallies and declines, to which the app can then alert its users via push notifications. The fintech company hopes to grow Alpha i’s user base to 50,000 people with a turnover of US$12.75 million by the end of 2018. Hong Kong millennials lead their Asian peers in investing in stocks, with more than two thirds of those aged 25 to 35 pouring money into investment portfolios, according to a 2017 survey from global asset management firm BlackRock. Alpha i is available to registered clients of CFSG only, and is free to download on the app Store, Google Play and other major app platforms.

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