There’s a Fundamental Divide in the World of Blockchain

The Consensus conference in New York City was a collision of worlds. Crypto entrepreneurs are more confident than ever that the token economy is the decentralized future of blockchain. The enterprise blockchain market, meanwhile, is looking beyond coins to deploy private, permissioned blockchains across different facets of their businesses. Cryptocurrency panels delved into complex issues like the token economy, the mining boom, and advanced cryptography. The enterprise blockchain side of Consensus felt like a different conference. FedEx talked about using blockchain for logistics. Enterprise tech and fintech giants like Deloitte, Microsoft, and SAP made announcements around enterprise adoption and deployment-ready use cases hosted on their own clouds. There was also a big focus on interoperability and standardization. Ultimately, it comes back to that core question of what’s more important: Bitcoin and the massive cryptocurrency market it spawned, or blockchain’s potential as a foundational technology driven in large part by investments from big banks and tech giants?

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