Why Blockchain, Why Now

Blockchains record trust like an atomic clock records time. Unlike trust, time marches ever forward and is irreversible.  What if trust could be recorded in the same manner, with exactly the same accuracy and fidelity? Trust can be lost just as soon as it is gained because of our reliance on experiential, opaque and analog methods of recording it. Blockchain technology can change that.

Markets, customers, investors and other stakeholders have all grown tired of learning about the misdeeds of large organizations during rare glimpses of sunlight that creeps through the crevices. This corporate trust deficit is not singularly a U.S. phenomenon. From finance, to elections, to combating fake news or guaranteeing supply chain provenance, market participants are desperately searching for ways of asserting how trustworthy they are beyond corporate social responsibility, marketing initiatives and executive promissory statements. With the impressive wave of blockchain prototyping taking place in many sectors, the solution to this global trust deficit is beginning to see the light of day.

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