Simply setting up an ICO website? Prepare to respond to US authorities’ questions!

SEC has received judicial assistance to compel PlexCoin’s Canadian assistant Yan Ouellet to co-operate in their investigation. According to the SEC, Ouellet has assisted the firm in setting up and/or running PlexCorps’ and PlexCoin’s websites; keeping track of the individuals who accessed the websites, including the identity of regulators and law enforcement agencies; and opening accounts with and making a phone call to a payment processing vendor in the United States.

The SEC seeks a variety of documents from Ouellet, including all documents and communications relating to the IP Addresses of any individual who visited any of the websites, social media accounts, discussion websites, or payment services any defendant used in connection with PlexCorps or the PlexCoin ICO, as well as all communications or documents that identify the place of business, residence, billing address, and/or physical location of all actual or potential purchasers of PlexCoin.

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