How Australia Is Becoming A Cryptocurrency Continent: Markets, Regulations And Plans

Australia has decided that there is a lot of potential in cryptocurrency. The country has been very direct and positive in terms of cryptocurrency regulation and is already implementing some of its bigger plans, like exchange registration. However, their plans and rules relating to cryptocurrencies are not unreasonable, stifling, or damaging, rather, they could be viewed as progressive and potentially uplifting for both the country and cryptocurrencies in general. Australian government is trying to protect citizens, and financial sector, but at the same time, trying to grow and incorporate the technology.

By encompassing Blockchain, as well as financial upgrades with digital tokens, they are setting themselves up almost as a ‘first-to-market’. If the Australians can get their regulations into force earlier, they can grow a system that works for them and one that will be ahead of all others who are still undecided.

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