Swedish Gaming Veteran MindArk Launches ICO for IP Exchange

Swedish software and gaming company MindArk has announced the official launch of its token sale, aimed at developing the world’s first Intellectual Property Engine (IPX) for the exchange and licensing of reusable, digital IP. MindArk has 20 years’ experience managing a virtual marketplace, with its real-cash-economy, multiplayer game, Entropia Universe, which has over 3 million registered users. The game’s economy employs real-cash transactions for digital assets and has a gross market value of over USD 400 million while facilitating over 33 million transactions daily.

The MindArk IPX platform will provide creators and other individuals seeking to license their digital assets and intellectual property with an ecosystem for exchange between businesses, developers, institutions, and token holders, via an open source cross-platform secured by smart contracts.

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MindArk web-site: https://deeptoken.io

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