ServerCube Launches ICO to Build the Largest Decentralized High-Capacity Computing Network for Crypto-Mining, Deep-Learning AI, VR Modeling and BaaS

ServerCube, Inc. has announced its ICO to support its growing distributed computing network that fulfills the promise of the decentralized Blockchain by inverting the traditional data center model and offering several investment opportunities at the same time. Currently, most computing power is concentrated in large centralized data centers controlled in a monopolistic fashion, including industrial scale crypto mining operations and deep learning AI centers. ServerCube disrupts this model by distributing computational power through a swarm network of residential and small office-based ServerCube Devices that provide «SC Hosts» with an incentive for running these high capacity mini computers.

To support and grow the ServerCube platform, an ICO to sell ServerCube Coins («SCCs») began March 2, 2018. The ICO is open to U.S. residents who are Accredited Investors, and also to all non-U.S. residents who are the equivalent of accredited investors in their own legal jurisdiction.

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ServerCube web-site:

Sale dates: March 02 — May 11, 2018

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