Mossland Launches ICO on March 12 After Pre-ICO Success

Mossland, the gamified real estate platform for owning and managing architectural objects, is launching the main stage of ICO on March 12.

All properties in Mossland are real architectural structures that can be virtually owned by users. They can be purchased, sold, changed, or leased for advertising purposes. All of these operations may be processed by a Mossland player located near an object, and using the app.

The experts express high hopes for Mossland because the project’s Pre-ICO raised USD $5 million in only 38 minutes. Transactions on this gamified platform will be powered by the Moss coin (MOC), which is powered by the Ethereum network. Moss coin will also be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, which will allow users to convert it into fiat currencies such as the Dollar or the Euro.

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