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Misleading Cryptocurrency ”Partnership” Announcements Are Getting Ridiculous

Partnership announcements have long been a tool for pumping altcoins and shilling ICOs. In fact, promoters are now interpreting the term so broadly that if they are using Word to write a whitepaper or Gmail to handle communications they might as well claim to be partners of Google and Microsoft. The most infamous example of […]

Australian Tax Agency Seeks Public Input Concerning Cryptocurrency Taxes

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has been researching how to formulate regulatory guidelines for taxing cryptocurrencies recently. This week the ATO is seeking input from Australian residents concerning how the country should tax digital assets. Australian citizens who want to participate in giving public feedback can do so until April 20, 2018, by visiting ATO’s […]

Game Giant Unity to Work With Kik’s ICO Token

The Kin Foundation will work with Unity – the maker of a popular game engine – to develop a gaming-specific SDK that will allow millions of Unity developers to integrate kin token into their designs. In practical terms, this means that the team will introduce a wallet and a marketplace for developers. After emerging from its beta […]

Researchers Claim 81 Percent Of ICOs During The Past Year Were Total Scams

According to a recent research by Statis Group, roughly 81 percent of all ICOs in the past year have been outright scams, 6 percent of ICOs outright failed, 5 percent were said to have “Gone Dead”, and just 8 percent actually graduated to be trading on an exchange. Of the 8 percent that made it to […]

Telegram Raises Another $850 Million For Largest ICO Ever

Messaging app Telegram has raised an additional $850 million for its ICO, according to documents filed with the SEC on March 29. The funding means that Telegram has raised a total of $1.7 billion so far for what will likely be the largest ICO in history. Read more View the document (SEC Form D)

Email Service MailChimp to Block ICO, Crypto Marketing

Email distribution company MailChimp will bar marketing campaigns for cryptocurrencies and ICO. The company will no longer allow its service to be used for crypto campaigns because they are «too frequently associated with scams, fraud, phishing, and potentially misleading business practices.» The policy change will take effect on April 30. Read more

Who Created the Story of Sierra Leone’s Blockchain Election?

In the wake of seemingly positive news for both Sierra Leone and Blockchain, where it was alleged that the technology formed part of an election process, it later emerged that there was some misinformation. In reality, Agora, the company that was at the heart of the miscommunication, was running a demonstration of what Blockchain can do, but it […]

Japanese IT Giant Fujitsu Launches Blockchain Center in Europe

Fujitsu, a Japanese company with more than 156,000 employees worldwide, has announced the opening of its first Blockchain Innovation Center, located in Brussels, Belgium, with the aim of supporting research, development and innovation in this new industry. According to Fujitsu, one of the main areas that the company intends to invest in its development are the services […]

Polish bank begins using a blockchain-based document management system

A blockchain company called Coinfirm has announced a partnership with PKO BP, a major Polish bank, to provide blockchain-based document verification using a tool called Trudatum. The project is a an actual implementation of one of the primary benefits of blockchain-based tools, namely its ability to permanently and immutably store data. The Trudatum tool essentially allows PKO BP to […]

Liechtenstein To Support Blockchain With New Regulations

The government of Liechtenstein will introduce new legislation to regulate Blockchain business models and underlying Blockchain systems. The bill will be presented in summer 2018 and is drafted so that business models based on Blockchain technology are integrated in a manner which provides legal and regulatory certainty for businesses and customers alike. Read more